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Midas DL32

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Midas DL32 is a 32 inputs and 16 output stage box used to link the stage audio with the Front of House (FOH) console. Loaded with 32 MIDAS PRO preamps with 16 balanced analog XLR output at the stage end, there is undoubtedly an exceptional improvement in your mixing console’s audio output.

Before going ahead with Midas DL32, let’s just run over the importance of a stage box.

A stage box is an electronic device used to pair an audio equipment and a mixing console. It serves as the central hub through which microphones, speakers and instruments connect to a multicore cable called snake, to be further connected to the audio mixing console to simplify setup.

Features of Midas DL32:

  • 32 MIDAS PRO microphone preamps: Midas preamps can be blindly tagged as the legends of high sound quality. DL32 sports 32 inputs/16 outputs with 32 Midas microphone preamplifiers in a 3U rack. This placement offers you with utmost flexibility to position the stage box at close proximity to the performer, reducing the hassle of long cable runs.
  • Midas mic preamplifiers are powered through 48V phantom power
  • 16 electronically balanced low impedance line level outputs.
  • Ultranet and AES50 ports for greater connectivity: Being equipped with an Ultranet port, DL32 exhibits massive compatibility with the Turbosound iQ series and the highly talked about Behringer Powerplay P-16 Personal Monitoring System. Behringer P-16 serves as a warehouse of mixers as it can drive up to 48 individual monitor mixers, thereby offering a greater creative opportunity for monitor mixing. Dual AES50 ports allow you to cascade two DL32 stage boxes together to obtain 64 inputs/32 output system.
  • CAT5/5e cable: Midas DL32 offers about 100m/328’ of remote operations through the twisted CAT5/5e cable, which allows up to 100 MHz of frequency performance. This simplifies the connectivity between the stage and front of house.
  • Rugged 3U rackmount chassis for durability in portable applications.

Specifications of Midas DL32:

  • Type: Digital Stage box
  • Compatibility: AES50/Ultranet Systems
  • Channels: 32 x 16
  • Inputs for Mic preamps: 32 x XLR
  • Computer connectivity: USB, Ethernet
  • Dimensions (W x D): 19” x 9.5”
  • Weight: 12.5 lbs


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