Symphony 440 Design Group is proud to be authorized with Denon AV Receivers, a Japanese electronics company owned by D+M Group. Denon is a world leader in the design and production of the highest-quality home theater, audio and software products, recognized internationally for innovative and groundbreaking products. For many decades, Denon was a brand name of Nippon-Columbia, a Japanese record label. The Denon brand came from the fusion of Denki Onkyo and others in 1939. In 2001, it established as an independent company with 98% held by Ripplewood Holdings and 2% by Hitachi. In 2002, Denon joined hands with Marantz to form D&M Holdings. On March 1st, 2017, Sound United LLC acquired D+M Holdings. Denon Electronics (USA) presently is headquartered at Mahwah, New Jersey.

A brief History of Denon:

Denon was originally set up in 1910 as part of Nippon Chikuonki Shokai, a Japan Recorders Corporation as a manufacturer of single-sided disc records and gramophones. The company was originally referred to as Nippon ‘DENki ONkyo Kabushikigaisha’ which was later shortened to DEN-ON. The company is vigorously involved with sound systems and electric appliance production. Later the company merged with other related companies to be known by the name Denon.

The next few decades witnessed several number of mergers and tie-ups, beginning with the fusion of Denon with the Japan-US Recorders Manufacturing in 1912. In 1928 “Columbia” was introduced as a brand after the company became Japan Columbia Recorders. A further change of name occurred in 1946 when the company chose to rename itself as Nippon Columbia.

1947 saw the first establishment of the Denon brand when Nippon Columbia merged with Japan Denki Onkyo. Later in May 2002, Denon Ltd and Marantz Japan Inc. merged together to form D&M Holdings Inc. On March 1st, 2017, Sound United LLC successfully purchased all the shares of D+M Holdings.

Today, Denon receiver specializes in professional and consumer home cinema and audio equipments. It is best known for Denon AV receivers, Blu-ray players, tuners, headphones, wireless music systems and Denon amplifiers. Denon is also fondly remembered for its high-end AV receivers and moving coil phonograph cartridges. Two M-series models, the Denon M31 and M30, were the most successful and highly appreciated radio hi-fi in the mid-2000s, and have received several awards in Europe.

A deeper look into Denon’s timeline:

1910Produces single-sided disc records and gramophones.
1939Introduced first professional-use disc recorder for broadcast industry and disk cutting lathe.
1953Unveiled professional-use tape recorder for broadcast industry.
1958Launched the sales of stereo records.
1963Advanced the DL-103 phono cartridge.
1964Began the sales of audio cassette tapes.
1977Awarded with the US Billboard magazine‘s “Trend-Setter Award for outstanding contribution to the industry”.
1980Awarded with the 13th Montreux International Diplome d’honneur technique award.
1981Developed a professional-use CD player.
1984Launched the CD-ROM format.
1988Addition of Denon amplifiers to product range.
1990Awarded with three component awards at Paris hi-fi show. Introduced new series of Headphones.
1994Awarded with the European Audio Innovation of the Year.
1999Unveiled the World’s first THX-EX home theater system (THX Extended to provide fuller surround sound).
2001Manufactured the first Mini system with 5.1 surround sound.
2004Introduced the world’s first consumer product featuring HQV (Hollywood Quality Video).
2007Denon released the AVP-A1HDCI Pre-Amplifier and matching POA-A1HDCI Power Amplifier set as part of a new line of high-performance custom-focused components.
2008Denon receivers introduced the world’s first Universal Blu-ray player compatible with DVD-Audio and SA-CD playback.
2014Denon ventures into wireless multi-room sound systems and launched a new set of wireless speakers named as HEOS by Denon.
2018Denon launched the world’s first 13.2 channel audio/video receiver with the introduction of the Denon AVR-X8500H / AVC-X8500H at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Principles of Denon AV Receivers:

  • Passion and artistry with technology:

For Denon, audio-video reproduction is not just a business, but an ardent passion to create such products that can deliver total quality enjoyment to others. Denon’s constant quest to create the perfect entertainment component is the key to transforming creative ideas into leading revolution. Denon keeps a firm stand on bringing purity of sound and joy to its customers’ lives, while anticipating each one’s needs.

  • More than words:

At Denon, Passion, Artistry, and Technology are not just policies, but are a part of the quintessential philosophy behind every aspect of Denon receivers. These three elements with decades of continuous innovation and engineering excellence has shaped a marvelous culture at Denon. Every detail of a Denon product is crafted around these elements, all aimed to maximize the entertainment experience.

  • The future:

Denon’s Legacy of Firsts along with its 100-year history of delivering powerful audio and visual experiences etches the company’s path into the future. Denon believes in treasuring this legacy and using it to inspire and fuel its constant quest for perfection. It celebrates the abstract strength of its products to deliver power, precision and performance.

Denon’s technological features:

Denon AV Receiver’s technological aspects are similar to those of Marantz’s due to the merged D+M Holding.

  • HEOS technology: HEOS (Home Entertainment Operating System) is a wireless music streaming system that allows music to be controlled effortlessly from anywhere in the home. All it requires is one or more HEOS-enabled Denon AV receivers or speakers and the free app. In addition to this, HEOS even works with Amazon Alexa voice control.
  • DTS:X : DTS:X decoder technology, a trademark of DTS, brings the home theatre action to new levels with its impressive object based audio technology which removes the bounds of channels. The additional spatial remapping engine of DTS:X offers improved immersion and greater realism in all of the movies and other performance.
  • Dolby Atmos® Speakers: Dolby Atmos, a trademark of Dolby, is an exceptional advancement in cinema audio and home theatre setups. These fill the space with powerful sound of such a caliber capable of making anyone’s heart thump with excitement due to increased bass effects in right ratio.
  • IMAX enhanced: IMAX Enhanced is a new licensing and certification home entertainment program. To qualify and carry the IMAX Enhanced logo, the highest-end TVs, projectors, sound bars, and AV receivers must meet certain stringent performance standards established by IMAX, DTS and Hollywood’s leading colorists in order to provide the sharpest 4K HDR images and powerful sound as the filmmaker intended.

Denon Legacy Products:

  • Wireless Speakers:

Wireless speakers contains in-built HEOS technology that gives us the flexibility to enjoy music from anywhere. Constituting of HEOS series ranging in 1, 3, 5 and 7, varying from small to biggest spaces respectively, these have marked their own niche in the music world with their remarkable sound performance. HEOS series are available even in subwoofer, home cinema systems and Denon AVR.

  • Home theater systems:

Denon’s home theatre system includes series of Blu-Ray players, Denon receivers, Denon amplifiers and soundbars. Denon’s DVD series in Blu-Ray sets the standard in state-of-the-art audio and video reproduction.

Denon AV Receivers:

Versatile and uncompromising, Denon AV Receivers are equipped with Denon’s high-end technology and experience to meet the needs of home theater enthusiasts and beginners alike. Denon Receivers include the Denon AVR-X series, Denon AVR-S series and the HEOS AVR.

Denon AVR-X series range in 7.2, 9.2, 11.2 and 13.2 channeled AVR receivers supported by IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for an immersive home theatre experience.

Denon AVR-S series with 5.2 or 7.2 channel AVR receivers features Dolby Vision™, HDR, HLG and 4K Ultra HD video pass-thru with 5 HDMI inputs.

Denon Sounbar:

Denon’s soundbar with the authentic HEOS technology delivers exceptional performance to accentuate the sound from a TV or Blu-ray player, while retaining the elegance of a slim line soundbar.

  • Denon’s Hi-Fi components:

Denon’s Hi-Fi includes Denon Amplifiers, mini/CD player and turntables.

Denon Ampifiers:

The PMA series Denon amplifiers and HEOS Amp sets new heights in premium audio performance. These high powered integrated Denon amplifier offers compatibility with the widest range of speaker types and impedances for operational stability.

Denon CD players:

Hi-Fi system with Denon CD player for hi-res audio and music streaming feature built-in HEOS technology, Bluetooth, FM/AM tuner with Amazon Alexa voice compatibility for seamless control.

Denon turntables:

Turntablism is the art of manipulating sounds and creating new music, sound effects, mixes and other creative sounds and beats  by using two or more turntables and a cross fader-equipped DJ mixer. A turntable is a device used for the mechanical recording and reproduction of sound. Denon’s strong and sophisticated turntable ranges in two series names DP and DL series and includes USB port with MP3 encoder.

  • Denon’s portable audio:

Denon’s portable audio includes portable Bluetooth speakers, in-ear headphones, over-ear headphones and noise canceling headphones, all goaled to deliver exceptional sound quality.

Popular reviews on Denon Receivers:

Denon AVR-X4400H AV Receiver:

The Denon AVR-X4400H provided solid performance with both music and movies. I was particularly impressed with the Denon’s performance with multichannel movie soundtracks. Even with seven channels of amplification being used with complex soundtracks at relatively high volumes, the Denon remained composed, without any signs of clipping or strain. The AVR-X4400H’s combination of full feature set, solid performance and the all-important ease of use makes it a very solid competitor in this segment of the AV receiver market.”

-Brian Kahn,

Denon AVR-S730H

The Denon AVR-S730H is among the least expensive receivers with this level of features, including 4K/HDR compatibility, multiroom music, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Sound quality is very good with both music and movies, regardless of the speakers we used. Auto calibration worked well.”

-Ty Pendiebury, CNET

Being an authorized dealer of Denon AV Receivers in India, Symphony 440 Design Group provides original, prime Denon receivers and Denon amplifier at genuine price. We, at Symphony 440 Design Group are more than happy to serve its pupils with these exceptional Denon receivers through our well established organizations at Chennai, Bangalore and Davangere. It’ll be our pleasure to help one and all in choosing the best of these products and accordingly provide all the support required in buying the right Denon receivers in India.

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