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GIK Acoustics is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialized acoustic treatment for Professional recording studios, Home Cinemas, Auditoriums, and performance venues. Acoustically treating about 7,000 rooms annually, GIK offers high performance, cost-effective acoustic panels, bass traps, and acoustic diffusers.

GIK is not just a manufacturer of eco-friendly acoustical products, but also a solution provider that offers design assistance & product customization options providing a wide range of choices in panels with varied fabric, colour, wood etc.

Founded in 2004, GIK tops the chart for acoustics and surpasses the rest of its competitors with its most distinctive features and options.

GIK Acoustics has a vast range of 242 acoustic panels, 244 & Monster bass traps with FlexRange technology, all patented for their design architecture and construction methodology.

Apart from its patented designs, let us run through the other most striking features of GIK Acoustics that sets it apart from the competition.


GIK Acoustic products built with technically appropriate insulation and hardware materials are safe to use and have excellent absorption coefficients. Unlike other manufacturers, GIK believes in carving every product by hand, employing an innovative multi-frame system for improved stability and ease of installation.

One such highly efficient component is our insulation material engineered especially for room acoustics. Along with this, we also emphasize on every small detail such as the frames used for acoustical panels.

With perfect dimensional stability, our frames offer excellent structural support for the acoustic panel.  GIK has chosen nothing, but the best hardwood to achieve this. This plywood, like lumber, neither shrink nor warp over time.

To give an excellent finish, we offer a wide range of high-quality fabrics from Guilford of Maine.

All our GIK Acoustics range of products is easy and straightforward to install and come with the required wall and ceiling mount accessories.


In the present Indian market, no other acoustic product shows such a great range of absorption like that of our GIK acoustic panels at such affordable price. Great products at a highly affordable price is not a myth, after all.

All our Acoustic products are tested and certified by the Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories (RAL) to give you authentic and technically accurate results and data.

Through the technical guidance from our specialized acoustical consultants, you can trust GIK acoustics with your room and money as utmost care will be taken to neither over-do the room treatment nor make you spend on things not required for your space.

Constant efforts from 15+ tremendous years and unique technology have made GIK acoustics what it is today. From the triangular Tri-Trap corner bass trap to our scatter plate, GIK continues to stun the audio industry with its range of quality acoustic products.

About five years ago, GIK acoustics ventured into a new stream of products in the form of Alpha Series, a range of acoustic panels and bass traps with a superior wood finish.

Its most distinct feature is that it features a mathematical sequence of slots for one-dimensional scattering or diffusion. With both great aesthetics and premium acoustics, the Alpha series carries a perfect amalgamation of absorption as well as sound diffusion in a single acoustic product.

PIB (Portable Isolation Booth) is another such innovative home studio acoustic product known to help you get extraordinary voice quality at a nominal price point.

Another well-engineered and researched product is our Gotham N23 5? Quadratic Skyline Diffusor that provides you with the significant benefit of being at your creative best without having to worry about the quality of your “mix” all the time.


Putting customers first above everything else, GIK Acoustics guides customers like you to decide on the exact type and method of acoustical treatment required for your room.

Highly qualified and experienced in-house acoustic experts will help you with appropriate product placement within your room to get the best out of your products.


The greatest myth of all time in Audio is that acoustics is a part of that complex science which no layperson can understand and comprehend.

But in reality, with the extreme endeavour and some extra efforts, it is possible to perceive the required essentials and fundamentals of acoustics, enough to get you along in achieving good sound quality in your room.

To encourage every interested individual in acoustics, we at GIK showcase a distinct section of educational videos and blogs on the same. It has always been our foremost mission to help our customers in genuinely understanding the significance and importance of right room treatment.

Through our latest Acoustics & Audio Gallery, GIK shall try its best to explain to you the essential aspects of achieving the best sound quality in your studio or home theatre room.

For more information, do not forget to have a look at our other blog posts covering several useful guidelines and instructions on improving the audio quality of your room. When we dearly crave to enjoy good music at better quality, lets also put a step further to know the methods of improving the sound in our room.


Before, now and always, our mother earth quests for responsible, nature-loving companies. We at GIK use environment-friendly components to build our acoustical panels. The ECOSE absorption material is a specialized wood that we use specifically for its harmlessness on-air quality and environment.

Some of our innovative Products:

GIK Impression foam Panel: These foam panels are our recently introduced cost-effective, lightweight acoustic panels. Where several acoustic foam products fail to deliver looks, value, and performance, our GIK foam panel offers high-performance as well as great aesthetics, all in a single package at an exceptionally affordable price.

Available in 23.5″ x 23.5″ x 2.25″, these acoustic foam panels look stunning in any Studio and Home theatre environments.

Q7D Acoustic Diffusor: Built from high-quality wood laminates through the help of CNC machines and available at competitive prices, there’s no compromise on precision and lavish finish.

With 7-root acoustic diffusor design, the Q7D diffusor starts functioning at 350 Hz and is effective up to 3 kHz while offering incredibly well-balanced, diffused sound.

It can also scatter sound to an upper limit of about 7Khz. If you want to break harmful reflections to create a larger sound image, keep adding pairs of Q7D mirroring each other to avoid lobbing, thereby achieving even clear, intelligible sound.

Q7D Acoustic Diffusors are generally placed on the rear walls of a Studio/Home cinema room or also on the first-order reflection points. Further, to stop slapback echoes in conference rooms, Hotel lobbies and auditoriums Q7D acoustic diffusers are used.

The Q7D Diffusor comes in attractive finishes of blonde, brown, black, as well as the raw, unfinished surface. It can enhance the aesthetics as well as the performance of your Auditorium or a professional home recording studio.

Being an authorised agent of GIK Acoustics in India, Symphony 440 Design Group is ever ready to help and provide you with any service regarding building your dream recording studio or home theatre with state-of-the Art acoustics.

The products can be shipped to any location in India including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mysore, New Delhi and Ludhiana.