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Symphony 440 Design Group is happy to be associated with Audioquest, a manufacturer of various audio/video accessories such as cables, digital-to-analogue converters, headphones, power-conditioning products, and several others which top the home theatre equipment list. Audioquest is known for developing tools that enhance the in-home experience of audio and video entertainment. AQ is committed to delivering excellent value and performance in every product it creates accentuating each one’s home theatre design.

Founded in 1980 by William E. Low, Audioquest is presently based in Irvine, California with other offices in the Netherlands, offers its products across 65 countries around the world.

The historical journey of Audioquest:

Audioquest’s founder, William E. Low, has described himself as “an absolute hedonist”, who learned about hi-fi or cables purely as a result of being interested in getting high on music.

In his early days of selling high-end audio equipment, William E. Low discovered that the sound of an audio system gets influenced by the quality of the cables connecting the various components.

While AQ remains best known for its analog and digital cables, in recent years the company has ventured into new product categories, most notably in its launch of the DragonFly USB digital-to-analog converter/headphone amplifier.

AQ has continuously been an ardent recipient of numerous awards, to name a few: Stereophile’s 2012 “Computer Audio Component of the Year” and 2012 “Budget Component of the Year;” Tone Audio’s 2012 “Digital Product of the Year;” Computer Audiophile’s 2012 “Computer Audiophile Product of the Year;” AudioStream’s “Greatest Bits;” and What Hi-Fi? ‘s 2014 “Product of the Year.”

At the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, Audioquest officially entered the headphone market with its NightHawk over-the-ear headphones, designed by Skylar Gray.

NightHawk was named 2015 CES Innovation Award Honoree (Headphones) and 2015 Best of Innovation Winner (Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies). NightOwl headphone and Perch headphone stand product launches followed the critically acclaimed NightHawk.

Audioquest technological features:

Noise-Dissipation System: Traditionally, RF energy gets routed to the ground in an interconnect cable through the use of a shield, consisting of either a braided metal and a wrapped foil, which causes a form of signal modulation, or in other terms a distortion of the signal.

Audioquest’s Noise-Dissipation System significantly reduces the effect of this modulation, an essential character for a good home theatre design.

Dielectric Bias System: Dielectric Bias System is a revolutionary technology that minimizes the interaction between the conductor and the insulation that surrounds it.

Audioquest product line:

AQ has various products to offer that tops every audiophile’s home theatre equipment list. It has flawless series of works in several varieties of cables of digital, AC power, analog interconnects, speaker cables, as well as bulk spool cables, all being essential components of any home theatre design.

Audioquest digital cables:

HDMI cables:

Audioquest HDMI cables, the short for High Definition Multimedia Interface, provides an interface between an audio/video source, such as set-top box, DVD player and AV receiver or an audio/video monitor, such as a digital television (DTV), over a single cable.

The latter statement implies that the Audioquest HDMI cables can support the standard, enhanced, or high-definition video as well as multi-channel digital audio on a single cable.

Built with precision engineering and designed to maximize and push the sonic performance to new levels, Audioquest HDMI cables constitute every home theatre equipment list.

Audioquest HDMI cables include several products such as Pearl, Forest, Cinnamon, and Coffee, to mention a few.

Audioquest USB cables:

Audioquest’s USB cables or Universal Serial Bus cables intelligently connect computers and laptops to peripheral devices such as cameras, camcorders, printers, scanners and many more. AQ has USB cables to bridge various devices like USB 3.0 A to micro, USB A to micro, USB A to mini, USB lightning and many others in the same genre.

Audioquest RJ/E Ethernet cables:

Audioquest’s Ethernet cables ingeniously connect devices within a local area network, like PCs, routers and switches. These are the most common forms of network cable used on wired networks.

Audioquest Thunderbolt:

Thunderbolt cable technology provides outstanding connectivity between computers and electronic devices, supporting up to six devices over eight lanes of high-speed communication, making it one of the most useful and innovative hardware interfaces.

Audioquest Digital Coax:

Audioquest Digital Coax cables find its usage in many applications where the speed of transferring or carrying digital communication is of crucial importance.

Audioquest AC Power Cables:

An AC power cable is an electrical cable that temporarily connects an appliance to the mains electricity supply through an extension cord. Audioquest offers AC power cables in four major series of 2-pole, 3-pole, NRG series and Storm series.

Audioquest Analog Interconnects:

Audioquest offers analog interconnects to connect several types of equipment in its tremendous collection of Bridges and Falls series, River series, Elements series, subwoofer cables and Tonearm cables.

Audioquest Speaker cables:

Speaker cables act as a prominent link between speakers and an amplifier. AQ speaker cables come in series such as Star-Quad series, Rocket series, Flat Rock series, Tree series, Mythical Creature series.

Audioquest Headphones:

Audioquest headphones, with a perfect amalgamation of sophisticated materials and innovative design, provides outstanding comfort and naturally accurate sound for an immersive and enriching listening with minimum distortion. AQ offers around-the-ear headphones of semi-open and closed-back types.

Popular reviews on Audioquest products:

Audioquest Pearl HDMI cable:

“Winner of last year’s Best HDMI cable Award, this Audioquest HDMI cable remains a formidable opponent. The Pearl is one of the more wallet-friendly HDMI options. But it’s a top performer in every home theatre equipment list, offering a spec that includes 3D capability, audio return channel and Ethernet compatibility. It enables your equipment to put out sharp and stable images.

The level of detail is impressive, and it has a secure grasp of motion. The colour palette looks natural while the sound has a good dynamic range. If you want to make the most of your home theatre design, you’ll want to invest in this Audioquest HDMI cable.”

Review by What Hi-Fi?

 Audioquest Coffee HDMI cable:

AudioQuest Coffee was designed with today’s advanced audio/video gear in mind; it can handle everything from 3D TV to Internet connectivity, thanks to its “High Speed with Ethernet” rating. Connecting your components with AQ Coffee is a great way to prepare your system for the most cutting-edge features available today, as well as what’s on the way. Plus, Audioquest’s superior build quality ensures excellent high-definition picture and sound. To transfer full-resolution 1080p video requires using the HDMI interface.”

Review by What Hi-Fi?

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