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Recliners India

Symphony 440 Design Group shares immense joy in being authorized with Recliners India, a pioneer in introducing home theater furniture in India. As a company, they heralded an era of comfort seating and were instrumental in bringing affordable luxury to homes in India. Recliners India are focused on building long term relationships with their clients and partners with an aim to provide not just customer satisfaction, but customer delight.

Recliners India envisioned the futuristic change taking place in the cinema industry and brought to the forefront a new class of products with the Gold Class/ VIP home theater recliners. The company currently holds a market share of over 95% in the commercial recliner space in the nation with some of the major clients being Cinemax, PVR, Big Cinemas, Inox, Cinepolis and several others.

Incorporated in the year 1996, Recliners India has risen from humble beginnings to becoming an industry leader in a short span of 15 years. Today, Recliners has research and development facilities which deploy state-of-the-art technology and technical expertise in their processes. Designed with ergonomics in mind, Recliners are produced by highly skilled craftsmen. Recliners India products are manufactured with premium quality raw materials and mechanics, at par with international standards.

A Brief History of Recliners India:

Found by Akhil Bansal and Neeraj Bansal, the story of Recliners India began with a recliner brought from the Bansal brother’s father from America. In those days of the 1970s, that one recliner became a buzz among people, to the extent that there were waitings to occupy the seat during social events and get-togethers. This recliner was borrowed to overcome seating discomfort during pregnancies, unfortunate fractures etc. It was then, that the seeds of an entrepreneurial idea were sown.

Coming from humble beginnings, Recliners India has always kept its customers as well as its employees in its top priorities. More than a decade ago, when manufacturing was a manual job, Recliners introduced highly automated manufacturing lines in the best interest of the workers. With the best processes & practices, an exceptional state-of-the-art manufacturing unit was developed.

Recliners India Mission and Vission:


  • To continuously develop products with better functionality & more comfort in the motion furniture & wellness products industry.
  • The business landscape is changing with our growing and evolving country. To continue work as a profitable business, it is essential to have a constant look through into the future and understand the trends of the industry that will shape the business in the years to come.
  • To constantly study custom requirements and to use all the feedback to innovate for the future, which serves as a benchmark to measure the success.


  • First and foremost comes the customer; to achieve not just customer satisfaction but also customer delight.
  • To make the company a great place to work where everyone is inspired by the company spirit, to work and achieve great heights for themselves and collectively for the company as well.
  • To bring to the industry, new and innovative practices that will shape the industry as a whole and to collate well with the partners for a more fulfilling goal.
  • Be responsible citizens of the world and work towards minimizing the carbon footprint in every walk of life; both as a company and as individuals.
  • To maximize the profits on a long term basis for both, employees as well as stakeholders.

Features and Benefits of Recliners India:

  • Easyoff backs: This unique feature saves space and reduces weight when transporting the recliner. The easily removable back makes the furniture much easier to move anywhere and everywhere.
  • Power Recline: At the touch of a button, a silent electric motor allows to effortlessly position the recliner to each individual’s comfort. Some models feature two memory pre-sets for added convenience.
  • Zero wall: Recliner’s innovative mechanism allows the chair to fully recline even when placed within inches of a wall. This design provides greater decorating flexibility and a more efficient use of floor space.
  • Chaise Lounger: This is a special padding design that closes the gap between the seat and the footrest, for continuous, head-to-toe support and maximum comfort.
  • Other features: Recliners India uses Hard Wood for the frame, special No-Sag Springs, High Density Foam and Polyfill from Recron to provide utmost comfort that will last for generations.

Recliners India products:

  • Single seating recliners:

It will take just a few minutes in a recliner chair to melt the day’s stress and tiredness away. Every design has been made for the sole purpose of providing durable comfort. Also, our extensive selection of upholstery fabrics and leathers favor any styling direction. Due to their pleasant comfort, these are extensively used as home theater seating.

Style series home theater seating: This contemporary recliner series will add upscale style to any home interiors or theatre. The semi-attached zipper back allows to customize the fit by moving the cushion up or down and by adjusting the amount of fill in the cushion. This home theater seating has great lumbar support to help in relaxation. Moreover, the chase lounger feature makes it an ideal choice. These products are available in various colors and texture to suit each type of interior.

Style push back home theater seating: The pushback recliner is a take on the traditional recliner’s old world charm with a modern twist. This home theater seating can recline back with a gentle push to the backrest, without having to stress themselves for settling in on this recliner.

Autolift chairs: AutoLift recliners act as perfect assistant in providing help sitting down or standing up. With a touch of a button, the chair gently rises or reclines.

The electric motor provides a smooth transition from recline to a standing position, making it ideal for a person having difficulty getting out of a chair. The motorized lifting mechanism can be easily governed with the help of a remote.

  • Home theater recliners:

Home theaters are not just about giant screens and surround sound, but about having comfortable home theater furniture and appropriate home theater seating for maximum enjoyment of movies, sports, and shows. Make that 3 hour Bollywood blockbuster movie a comfortable experience with these ergonomically designed home theater recliners.

Style home theater recliners:

Style home theater recliners provide a contemporary stylish look for any home theater setup. These home theater furnitures are a unique blend of modern minimalism with classical comfort. Style home theater recliners come in varied colors and materials to cater to each individual’s needs. Each one of the home theater seating can be customized with other products to make our own creations with a range of ad on features.

Style Aversa home theater recliners:

Style Aversa home theater recliners provoke a fun-filled family time guaranteed with excitement and comfort. With its enlarged head cushion to provide that extra head and shoulder support, this 3-2-1 home theater furniture can be customized according to each one’s choice, where the user can decide which seats to recline or keep fixed. Each one of the home theater seating can be customized with other products to make our own creations with a range of ad on features.

  • Reclining sofas:

Recliners India, a leader in Reclining and Motion Seating, is proud to present its new range in Luxury Sofas, “FeelGood – Living”.

Driven by the passion and commitment to provide its customers with the best, this range of home theater furniture has finely hand crafted leather seating to offer the user a blend of elegance with superior finish & quality, contemporary design and technology. The unique features integrated in each design with the Motion options, enable the user to relax and experience ultimate luxury in the comfort of their homes.

Firenze home theater recliners: Featured with censor touch, electric chaise lounge and reclining head rests, these home theater furniture create a unique harmony of comfort and elegance with technology.

Perugia home theater recliners: These electric recliners define the ultimate blend of luxury with motion, designed for those who value innovation. Perugia home theater furniture are available in full leather upholstery.

Popular reviews on Recliners India:

Recliners India Style 205 Single seater recliner:

The Style 205 home theater seating recliner comes with a number of benefits. Primarily constructed on a wood and metal framework, this recliner has leatherette upholstery in a rich shade of burgundy. The modern style matt finish adds a touch of elegance to the room décor. It has a rocking mechanism for extra comfort too.”

Being an authorized dealer of Recliners India, Symphony 440 Design Group provides original, prime home theater furniture at genuine price. We, at Symphony 440 Design Group are more than happy to serve its pupils with these exceptional home theater seating and other recliners in India through our well established organizations at Chennai, Bangalore and Davangere. It’ll be our pleasure to help one and all in choosing the right products from Recliners India, and provide all the other necessary help accordingly.

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