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Audioquest Oak

Audioquest Oak speaker wire is known to deliver crystal clear audio using perfect surface metals with minimal to no distortion.

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To get great sound from your speakers, you got to have high-quality speaker wire that lets you hear the true essence of music. Music brings us joy, helps you relax and feel elated. A better way to upgrade your musical experience is with Audioquest Oak speaker wires! These Speaker wires help in natural music reproduction and allow the speaker system to reproduce the music as the composer, and producer intended.

Audioquest Oak speaker wire is known to deliver crystal clear audio using perfect surface metals. They provide minimal to no distortion and reduce harshness by the usage of incredibly pure surface copper.

Solid conductors present in the speaker wire stops all sorts of magnetic and electrical interaction and helps lessen the distortion further.

Acting as the perfect bridge between your Home theatre AV receiver and high-end home theatre speakers, The Audioquest Oak speaker wire complements your room acoustics. It delivers pristine audio: thanks to its negative conductors coated with conductive carbon loaded polyethylene.

The stereo amplifier will not be provided with any radio frequency anomalies all thanks to the remarkable Carbon-Loaded Polyethylene material.

On top of this, to reduce the external interference, an external carbon-based NDS system is used, and the interaction between positive and negative conductors gets dampened using a high-quality carbon layer.

Cleverly engineered Audioquest Oak Speaker wires avoid interference as much as possible.

The inner circular array of the positive conductors gets wounded and spiral in a particular direction while the negative bunch of strands go in precisely the opposite direction.

When you do this, you are getting the positive and negative conductors cross each other instead of keeping them parallel. This construction methodology dramatically improves sonic clarity and delivers astonishingly accurate audio reproduction from your Paradigm Persona type truly high-end speakers.

Compatible Speaker Systems: Paradigm Persona Speakers

Technical Specifications of Audioquest OAK Speaker Cable:

Type: Moulded Speaker cables

Available Length: 3-20 Feet

Pricing: On request.

Availability: Symphony 440 Design Group can provide the best price and be able to ship the Audioquest Oak Speaker Wire for any audio application to any location in India, including Bangalore, Chennai, Salem Hyderabad, Vizag, Nagpur & Pune.

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