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GIK Acoustics Tri Traps


GIK TRI-TRAP is an incredible Home Studio Acoustics panel that is highly efficient in absorbing frequencies as low as 50Hz.

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If you are planning to build a medium-sized home recording studio with a Control room & Live/ recording room, bass trapping is a must to create a good “Sound foundation” for your Home Studio Acoustics. Bass trapping needs to be in place to even out the nasty modal resonances that are generally associated with small and medium-sized studio rooms.

Just to give you an idea, consider a room of 11′ x 9′ x 9′. A 20hz sound wave will be 56′ in length. There is no way you can get a great bass response around 20Hz in the room mentioned above without working on its acoustical treatment. In its absence, you will have a hard time delivering a “well-mixed” soundtrack to your client.

Bass trapping can act as your best weapon against the brutal uneven low-frequency characteristics of your room.

Even the most premium Neumann KH 310 Studio monitors and room correction software does not negate the need for bass trapping. Before you start investing in high-end Audio gears and super cool Sound diffusion panels for your Home Studio Acoustics, you got to get yourself Corner bass traps. Our GIK Acoustics TRI-TRAP Corner bass trap is one such innovation known to function the best.

Built with a solid core and weighing just about 7 Kg, the GIK Tri-Trap stands 47″ tall with a neat, professional design that enables it to be stacked vertically from floor-to-ceiling.

Our TRI-TRAP bass traps from GIK Acoustics are superior to low-density foam wedges that people generally use for Home Studio Acoustics treatment. Even the thickest Foam panels will not be as effective as our TRI-Trap.

Like other GIK acoustical products, our TRI-TRAP tested at the renowned Riverbank Acoustical Laboratory showed promising data that further proved that our TRI-TRAP for home studio acoustics was highly efficient in absorbing frequencies as low as 50Hz.

Along with lower bass range absorption, The TRI-TRAP also soaks high frequencies, offering excellent absorption from 50Hz to 5000Hz.

When you club the Tri-trap with GIK’s proprietary RANGE LIMITER membrane,  this Corner Bass Trap absorbs up to 50% more low end (below 40Hz). It retains 75% more high end (from 100Hz and above) offering a sonically well-behaved Home Studio Acoustics that will work even for the most critical audio & music playback applications.

In-House acoustical engineers at GIK have developed an easy to install, floor saving bass trap for Home Studio Acoustics in the form of Tri-Traps to help you achieve the sound experience you always desired.

Technical Specifications:

Designed & built for room corner installations.

Standard Caps Available: Blonde wood veneer, black rigid vinyl, white rigid vinyl

Upgrade Caps Available: Mahogany veneer, Gray Elm veneer.

Standard size: 23.5” front face x 16.5 “x 16.5 ” sides x 47” tall

Weight: 7Kg

Construction: Handmade construction with ECOSE® technology absorption material

Pricing: As mentioned above.

Availability:  All GIK Home Studio Acoustics products are designed & manufactured in the United Kingdom. Symphony 440 Design Group can deliver the selected Home Studio Acoustics product, The GIK Tri-Traps to your doorstep anywhere in India including Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai in 6-8 weeks.

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