Symphony 440 Design Group shares immense joy in being associated with Optoma projector India, an award-winning multi-national audio and visual solutions provider specializing in the design and manufacturer of projectors and audio products. The name “Optoma” was generated from two words – Optical and Maxima. With the prime focus on premium quality and style, combined with extraordinary engineering and innovation, Optoma believes in delivering larger-than-life experiences in any venue.

Optoma Corporation being headed from U.S., Europe and Asia,has regional headquarters in North America and China. Being a part of the Coretronic Group, it has facilities for R&D and manufacturing based in China. As in 2017, Optoma is established in more than 157+ countries worldwide.

A quick glimpse through Optoma’s History:

Established in 2002, Optoma in the same year launched world’s first 65-inch DLP projection television and won the Consumer Electronics Show Innovations Award in 2003. In 2005, Optoma introduced the world’s first all-in-one DVD projector, the MovieTime™ DV10. Later in 2013 and 2015, an ultra-mobile LED light source projector range (ML750/ML1000) and Optoma’s first laser phosphor technology illuminated projector (ZU650) were announced respectively. Infocomm 2016 (Las Vegas), Optoma announced the world’s first 4K UHD ultra short throw laser projector. In 2017, Optoma came up with the first laser UHD 4K home projector UHZ65. In CES 2018, Optoma launched the UHD51A, the world’s 1st UHD 4K home projector which can work with Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Today, utilizing Texas Instruments‘ DLP projection technology, Optoma is a designer and manufacturer for home, business, education, and professional display solutions.

In 2014, Optoma acquired California based NuForce, a manufacturer of consumer and Hi-Res Certified audio equipment. NuForce was one of the first companies to introduce audiophile quality desktop DACs, headphone amplifiers and patented class-D amplifiers to the world. 2016 saw the launch of the wireless Bluetooth, aluminum build BE6i in-ear headphones which offered extended battery life into Optoma’s consumer audio line.

Optoma  projector’s technological  features:

    • DARBEE Visual Presence™ technology: DARBEE Visual Presence™ is an image enhancement technology incorporated into selected Optoma projectors. This groundbreaking amplification solution creates an unparalleled level of detail, depth, lighting, clarity and realism. Image processing is adjustable, giving complete flexibility to customize the visual enhancement.
    • DLP® technology: DLP® technology, a trademark of Texas Instruments, has revolutionized projection by delivering razor sharp details and stupendous  image quality with incredible colors and brightness of world class reliability and longevity.
    • 4K Ultra HD (UHD): Optoma projector 4K Ultra HD delivers razor-sharp images with an impressive 8.3 million pixels of resolution, four times higher than 1080p resolution, for exceptional detail with incredible color and contrast, and smooth video. High dynamic range delivers superior contrast while wide color gamut transforms on-screen objects with vividly realistic colors. These technologies combine to enable a 4K UHD experience.
  • HDR-Compatible: Optoma projector 4K features HDR technology and HDR10-compatibility for darker black-levels, brilliant whites and greater color depth, for an elevated home viewing experience.
  • RJ45 networking: Optoma projectors designed for professional purposes have an RJ45 network connector, which enables control, monitoring and sending images to the projector across the local area network (LAN).
  • ProScene Solutions: ProScene Solutions are created to provide the best of tried and tested system solutions for innovative projection applications. Optoma ProScene solutions is an amalgamation of muti-angle projection, blending and warping, holographic projection, physical object projection mapping, 3D projection, and stacking projection technologies.

Optoma projector 4K series:

Optoma projector 4K series are of four types:

  • Premium Home Cinema Projectors:

Specifically designed and engineered for sensitive viewers, Optoma’s premium home cinema projectors set new levels of standards for image quality and color accuracy with flexile options for installation and connection with home theatre systems. With 4K UHD resolution and MotionFlow technology, brightness of these DLP projectors either vary from 1500, 2200 or 2400  Ansi Lumens, or comes with 2000 LED Lumens, depending on the model of the Premium Home Cinema series.

  • Home Entertainment Projectors:

Irrespective of the room size, Optoma Home Entertainment Projectors fit into any home theatre plans to deliver larger-than-life scale HD performance in breathtaking color. These 4K home projectors come with the remarkable 1080p resolution supported by the award-winning Darbee Visual Presence technology. Easy connectivity and hassle free installations, with long lamp life and lightweight design makes the Optoma Home Entertainment Projector one of the best in India.

  • Portable Projectors:

Optoma Portable Projectors are extremely lightweight and ultra-mobile, giving an extraordinary advantage of relishing HD movies and images anywhere at the comfort of our chosen space. Harnessing the latest LED technology, these compact 4K home projectors provide instant start up and shut down times with consistent brightness and color performance.

  • Lamp-less 4K Home Projectors:

Optoma’s premium home cinema lamp-less 4K home projectors provide flexible options for installation and connection with any home theatre systems. With certified 4K UHD resolution and HDR compatibility, Laser or LED light source is used for color accuracy for amazing presentation. Other features such as lightweight design, portability and instant power on or off option makes it efficiently user-friendly.

Popular reviews on Optoma projector 4K:

Optoma UHD51A Ultra HD DLP Projector:

If you’re looking to add an Ultra HD projector to your home theater or media room, the Optoma projector 4K UHD51A checks all the boxes for hi-res entertainment. The Optoma UHD51A Ultra HD DLP 4K home Projector offers superb picture quality, Ultra HD, HDR, and 3D, all at a very attractive price. Its Alexa and Google integration set it apart from similarly-priced projectors. A compact and lightweight chassis, along with built-in stereo speakers, enables easy portability.”

-SECRETS of Home Theatre and High Fidelity

Optoma Projector 4K UHD50 HDR:

“Beautiful color, crisp resolution, and a low price make the UHD50 a no-brainer. Everybody wants the visual experience of a movie theatre without leaving the comfort of home. With Optoma’s new UHD50, which offers 4K resolution and astonishing HDR color at an affordable price, almost anyone can get in on the action. The UHD50 will take anything you throw at it and reproduce it with breathtaking clarity.”

-Parker Hall, Digital Trends

Being an authorized dealer of Optoma India, Symphony 440 Design Group provides original, prime Optoma projector 4K for home cinema at genuine price. We, at Symphony 440 Design Group are more than happy to serve its pupils with these exceptional Optoma projector in India through our well established organizations at Chennai, Bangalore and Davangere. It’ll be our pleasure to help one and all in choosing the right Optoma projector 4K for their home, known to be the best in Optoma India.

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