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Symphony 440 Design Group is happy to be one of the authorized dealers for Marantz in India, an award-winning 60-year-old high-end audio product manufacturer from Japan.

The design principle lies on the stern belief that a true hi-fi must be capable of reproducing the magic of live performance, and hence is their philosophy: “Because Music Matters”. To Marantz, perfect specifications and technical accomplishment count for nothing unless a product can unlock the power, empathy and the emotion of music.

In the 1950s, Saul Marantz, a classical guitarist and an ardent lover of music started on a new trial road at his home in Kew Gardens, New York, to build such a power amplifier that delivers music as the musician intended them to be.

Later, on close friendship with Andres Segovia, a talented industrial designer, they infused their visions together to create legendary products.

The Company had a crucial influence in the development of high-fidelity audio systems and reached a new peak of success in the mid to late 1970s. In 1971, Superscope purchased 50% of the stock in Standard Radio Corporation (SRC) of Japan, which had been manufacturing various Marantz Amplifiers and other products for Superscope.

In 1980, Superscope sold its shares to Philips Electronics. In 1982, consumer digital audio became the most enthusiastic reality in North America.

The early 1990s witnessed a significant focus on higher-end components. Following Saul Marantz’s death in the 1990s, Marantz Japan acquired the brand from Philips and controlled all overseas sales subsidiaries.

A quick run through the History of Marantz:

Saul Marantz sells his first audio product, the “Consolette” (Model 1 original version) preamplifier.

The company establishes in Long Island, New York.

The Model 9 “monoblock” power amplifier makes its place in many audiophile systems. Marantz moves from New York to California, and from tubes to transistors for its products.

Superscope Inc. acquires Marantz.

With the Model 25, and then 22 and 28, The company starts manufacturing its inventions in Japan through a partnership with Standard Radio Corp.

Standard Radio Corp. renames itself as Marantz Japan.

Philips Electronics purchases Marantz brand, dealer network and all of its overseas assets (except U.S. and Canada) from Superscope.

Dawn of Marantz CD player and Laserdisc player.

1983 saw the launch of Company’s audio enhancement technology (Marantz Enhanced Digital Stereo).

The Company steps into audio/video with the introduction of the SM-80

Philips acquires U.S. and Canada trademarks and dealer network.

The world loses an Audio Legend. Saul Marantz dies aged 85.

Marantz Japan Inc. acquires the brand and all overseas sales subsidiaries from Philips Electronics.

Marantz Japan and Denon integrate to form D&M Holdings, to be later joined by other higher-end audio equipment brands such as Boston Acoustics

Philips sells its remaining stake in D&M Holdings, terminating a 28-year relationship between Philips and Marantz.

Marantz Professional acquired by inMusic Brands.

Sound United LLC acquires D+M Holding.

Patented Technological features:

HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) technology: The patented Marantz Amplifier’s HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) technology contains matched-precision discrete selected circuit elements on a compact sub-board along with the ultra-wide-band response (100 kHz, -3 dB) for an open soundstage with refined audio reproduction.
HEOS technology: HEOS (Home Entertainment Operating System) is a wireless multi-room audio platform which works through any existing WiFi home network. Featured on selected wireless powered speakers, receivers/amps, and soundbars from the Denon and Marantz Amplifiers product brands, it can be operated through a downloadable app compatible to iOS and Android smartphones. Hence, HEOS technology lets one experience the pleasure of his/her favourite music in any room of the house.
Marantz Musical Digital Filtering (MMDF): Filtering design plays a vital role in quality sound reproduction of digital input signals. Marantz Musical Digital Filtering is an advancement of highly-acclaimed Marantz Music Mastering technology, used in the audiophile reference series. Two selectable, digital filter characteristics efficiently cater to different tastes, with each one handling the minutest detail with the utmost care in the digital audio signal, transforming new media files into the finest of high-resolution playback.
Marantz Musical Mastering: MMM-Stream and MMM-Conversion: MMM-Stream converter and MMM-Conversion help in the implementation of Marantz Musical Digital Filtering (MMDF), by replacing the conventional Digital-to-analog converter (DAC).
DTS:X: DTS:X decoder technology brings the home theatre action to new levels with its impressive object-based audio technology which removes the bounds of channels. The additional spatial remapping engine of DTS:X offers improved immersion and greater realism in all of the movies and other performance.

Vintage series:

Marantz Stereo Amplifiers: Company began its journey through  stereo amplifiers or receivers and ever since has been the backbone of Marantz Amplifier’s future inventions. These have been through a great deal of growth, from being a necessary preamplifier to an FM stereo amplifier, to a digital tuner equipped receiver.

Stereo amplifiers ruled over the rest of loudspeakers in the 1960s with the Model 9 amplifier and the Model 10B FM tuner. The last basic stereo amplifier model, SR9000G was released in 1979.

Though these masterpieces presently exist in very few numbers with the technologically advanced amplifiers replacing them, these vintage Stereo amplifiers will remain eternal for their flawless performance.

Marantz/Superscope 8-Track Players/Recorders: Marantz’s eight-track recorder is a rare type of product in its kind. With a black face and power on/off a button, it carries recording as well as a playback option.
Cassette Deck: Marantz cassette recorder was one of people’s favorite during the 1970s and 1980s. It features record, mute, microphone as well as output for stereo headphones.
Reel to reel tape recorders: These epoch series are an advancement of the cassette deck which allows for reel to reel recording through the provision of two decks.
Superscope Stereo System: Superscope AM/FM stereo system with 8 Track players from the late 1970s has integrated systems featuring speaker selector system, tuning meter, and separate bass mid and treble controls.

Marantz Current Products:

AV Separates: Marantz AV receiver has a single box containing an AM/FM tuner, preamplifier/processor, and amplification, whereas an AV Separates divide these components into two or more frames, most commonly one box for the tuner and preamplifier/processor, and another for the amplification. AV Separates thus enhances the sound reproduction quality and imparts superlative music listening experience.
Wireless music system: These include network CD receivers featuring a broad range of listening and streaming options, equipped with Bluetooth as well as WiFi wireless streaming.
AV Receivers: Marantz’s home theatre susceptible AV receivers vary in 7.2, 9.2 and 11.2 channelled receivers. With Amazon Alexa voice compatibility and in-built HEOS technology, these top the list of AV Receivers in India.
Hi-Fi Components: Marantz Hi-Fi components include products such as CD players, audio players and power amplifiers for the daily audiophile to offer extraordinary sound quality and value.
Reference series: Justifying the decades-long tradition of Marantz’s audio excellence, the innovative audio engineering and excellent fit and finish of these fine-quality instruments provide a breathtaking experience of music reproduction. Reference series contains super audio CD players and integrated power amplifiers.

Popular reviews on Marantz Amplifiers:

Marantz SR7010 AV Receiver:

“The SR7010 with nine-amp channels & Dolby Atmos decoding comes across as an incredibly great sounding, futureproof AV receiver.”

-Sound & Vision in 2015 Top Picks of the Year

Marantz AV8801 Surround Processor & MM8077 Amplifier:

“Musically, the AV8801 is extremely transparent and invites you into the audio presentation with a front-row seat. I can say the same for other recordings I listened to through the Marantz—they just sounded better than I had ever heard before.”

-David Vaughn,

Being an authorized dealer of Marantz in India, Symphony 440 Design Group provides original, prime Marantz Amplifiers at genuine price.

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