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Symphony 440 Design Group shares immense pleasure in being associated with Jamo, a high-tech audio speaker manufacturer of Danish Heritage, famously known worldwide for their THX, Concert & Studio line-up of Home theatre systems. Being in the league for about 50 years, Jamo focuses on delivering speakers of contemporary style with high-performance sound.

Brief History of Jamo Speakers:

In 1966, carpenter Preben Jacobsen began the eternal journey of building speakers in his henhouse at Glyngore, Denmark. In 1968, Preben’s brother-in-law Julius Mortensen joined him on his venture, Naming the company Jamo, derived from the both founder’s surname.

By 1978, Jamo speakers had become a worldwide sensation and produced around one million loudspeakers.

By 1994, Jamo speakers had marked its territory in history by becoming Europe’s largest speaker manufacturer. By 1998, Jamo achieved greater heights as to have been produced and sold more than 11.5 million units.

Since 2004, Jamo manufactures products from its factory in China. In 2005, World-renowned Klipsch Audio technologies took over Jamo to accelerate global growth and continue with the innovation.

In 2018, Jamo speakers earned the prestigious EISA “Best Product 2018-2019 award” for its studio speakers, fondly used in many home theatre setups in India and elsewhere.

The European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) is a collaboration between, currently, 55 of the most respected international specialist CE magazines. The association celebrates new products that combine the most advanced technology and desirable features with class-leading performance.

JAMO Speakers patented technological features:

Active Impedance Correction: Active Impedance Correction (AIC) is an innovative augmentation of former known ways of minimizing distortion in electrodynamic loudspeaker drivers.

The effect of AIC is a more detailed midrange with a markedly reduced roughness, especially during voice reproduction, an essential feature for speakers in a home theatre setup. Numerically, this amounts to a reduction of third-order harmonic distortion at the order of 6dB (50% reduction).

BASH® amplifier: The subwoofers feature the highly coherent BASH® amplifier technology, which integrates the musical quality of class A/B amplifiers with the efficiency of class D amplifiers. BASH® technology translates into more efficient, yet more powerful amplification without any heat as those associated with conventional amplifiers.

Boundary Gain Compensation filter: Since any room amplifies at the lower frequencies, the Boundary Gain Compensation filter compensates for the influence caused by the room at such low frequencies.

The magnitude of amplification from the room depends on the room dimensions and the perceiver’s position in the home cinema room.

Typically, amplification increases with closeness towards the wall, Increasing the bass levels. The Boundary Gain Compensation ensures a linear in-room bass response with considerable flexibility to the position of the listener.

The unique shape of A7 cabinet minimizes standing waves: Minimizing standing waves is a significant feature of any speaker to impart the premium quality of sound.

The Jamo A7 speaker cabinet helps in reducing the reflection of sound waves back and forth inside the cabinet. The multi-curved, multi-angled cabinet, hence, restricts the production of coloured and unclear sound.

Down-firing woofer: This extraordinary feature minimizes one of the significant barriers to good sound reproduction. Loudspeakers must usually have to be away from the wall, to avoid the resonating bass, often impractical in living rooms.

When a woofer fires downwards, it couples with the floor making placement less critical—letting you keep the subwoofer close to the wall in non-spacious room conditions.

DTT: DTT (Decoupled Tweeter Technology) is a mounting system specially developed by Jamo. One of the biggest hurdles in designing speakers is the prevention of unwanted cabinet vibrations from clouding or colouring. High frequencies are particularly susceptible.

The ingenious Jamo DTT puts a pleasant end to this complication. By decoupling the tweeter from the rest of the loudspeaker, vibrations transmitted from the front baffle to the tweeter are reduced by more than 20dB, resulting in an uncommonly detailed and realistic reproduction of high frequencies.

 Dual concentric diaphragm: The Jamo tweeter features a clamped dual-concentric diaphragm and a ventilated magnet system extending the frequency range to as low as 1 kHz, allowing a smooth and seamless transition with the midrange. The voice coil is of copper-plated aluminium wire, combining the low weight of aluminium with the superior conducting qualities of copper.

Front baffle: The 1.7in/43mm thick front baffle made from seven layers of MDF (Medium Density Fibre) board is glued together under high pressure. The round shape provides for optimum working conditions for the drivers as it prevents diffraction and improves rigidity.

The baffle is attached to a 57lb/26kg cast-iron base, housing the crossover network and the bi-wiring XL binding posts which connect directly to the crossover network placed inside the base, thereby securing the best possible signal path. A solid double 5x60mm stainless steel brace with a unique damper ensures a rock-solid connection between the baffle and the base.

HCC (Hard conical Cone): The HCC technology (Hard Conical Cone) enables the driver to reach far beyond midrange frequencies before any significant cone break-ups occur.

The material’s rigidity and the cone’s conical shape ensures clear and detailed sound with significantly less distortion, even at high sound pressures. In addition to this, the natural rubber suspension effectively prevents vibrations from travelling back to the diaphragm.

Low-loss x-over: Each of the Jamo speakers, designed with utmost tenderness with immense significance to each detailing, Limits the number of components in the filter to reduce its power consumption. The advantage of low loss x-overs is more detailed sound reproduction with lower distortion and higher sensitivity.

Mylar tweeter: The Mylar tweeter features great sonic qualities and is even moisture-resistant, making the speakers ideal for installation in any surrounding.

XBR (eXtended Bass Response): With the unique Jamo XBR (eXtended Bass Response) feature, the surround loudspeaker functions as a dipole in the treble and midrange, and as a bipole in the lowest bass, providing the diffuse surround reproduction of traditional dipole loudspeakers, but with full bass reproduction. This mechanism is incredibly helpful in home theatre setups for realistic sound reproduction.

LDS (Long Displacement Surround) design: The all-new Long Displacement Surround (LDS) design for woofers and midrange drivers deliver improved low-frequency response, leading to a more natural, open sound.

Jamo Speakers Series:

THX series speakers:

The renowned THX speakers are known for effortless delivery of accurate, emotional performance for an enhanced listening experience. By forging decades of Jamo speaker’s tradition, the THX Series presents universal appeal that signifies the product’s ability to impact listening means and lifestyles.

Concert series loudspeakers:

The Concert series of loudspeakers, introduced in 2014 under Klipsch Group, Inc. are brand’s flagship series, now in its second generation, offers high-design forms that house high-performance drivers acoustically tuned to provide open, transparent playback of movies and music.

Jamo Concert Series was designed by famed loudspeaker designer Kieron Dunk to bring in high-performance audio in conjunction with beautiful exteriors.

Hand-polished high-gloss finishes, satin painted MDF baffles and polished chrome logos, satin aluminium centre plugs and stabilizer feet makes this series aesthetically elegant while providing exceptional acoustics.

Studio 8 series:

Studio 8 series speakers, Being introduced in 2018, are the pride of Jamo speaker brand. Best known for their stereo setup as well as for their increased audio quality with atmos speakers, these award-winning series with their latest acoustic technology deliver incredible sound performance. The slim subwoofer lets you position them horizontally or vertically, making these speakers compact and elegant in design and compatible for a home theatre setup.

Compact cabinet designs deliver high-performance acoustics in a small footprint. Fully magnetic grilles without any mounting holes or push pins allow for a clean, minimalist front baffle design.

Woodgrain accents around the tweeters, at the bases and feet, to give a handcrafted, natural look. Often in-home theatre setups, Studio 8 series is accompanied with the Dolby Atmos speakers.

Dolby Atmos® Speakers:

Dolby Atmos Speakers is an exceptional advancement in cinema audio and home theatre setups. The Atmos speakers fill the space with the powerful sound of such a calibre capable of making anyone’s heart thump with excitement which is a very efficient character for a home theatre setup.

The best feature of these Atmos speakers is that they can seamlessly be added to any other speaker system like the Jamo S807 to improve the existing speaker system.

Landscape series:

Jamo landscape series are outdoor speakers with an ultra-compact design for easy integration into any landscape. Designed with 8 ohm / 70V / 100V compatibility for maximum system flexibility, they provide for easy installation, optimal dispersion patterns and robust subwoofers which disappear into the environment. All-weather construction offers maximum durability and impact resistance for a great sound year in and year out.

Popular reviews on Jamo Speakers:

Jamo C103:

“These burly speakers pack a surprisingly subtle punch with their imposing looks, detailed, organized and wide sound, fine finish and suit bi-wiring well. Competition is stiff, but the C103s deserve great consideration.”

-Review by What HI-FI?

Jamo D600:

“Purposeful in its austere finish, Jamo’s incredible and competent D600 speaker package is aa must-audition. Its staggering power with effortless scale brings wonderful clarity and cohesion value.”

-Review by What HI-FI?

Being an authorized dealer of Jamo speakers in India, Symphony 440 Design Group provides original Jamo speakers at great prices.

We, at Symphony 440 Design Group are more than happy to understand the customers need and suggest the right set of Jamo Speakers for stereo & Home cinema setups.

We can ship Jamo products to any location in India including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mysore, New Delhi and Ludhiana.