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Behringer DCX2496

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Behringer DCX2496 is an ULTRADRIVE PRO Digital Loudspeaker Management System which functions towards providing excellent audio quality. It allows you to set-up, organize and control multiple loudspeakers and other such installed systems based on your requirement and its application. DCX2496 Behringer crossover is an essential component at every place handling numerous audio systems, such as at an auditorium, cinema hall, convention hall, concert hall, live shows etc.

The term ‘Crossover’ shouldn’t be confused with the component that crosses over one frequency range from the other serving as a filter that differentiates various frequency ranges, directing them towards their respective compatible devices such as high frequencies to the tweeters, midrange to your woofers and low bass to the LF driver in a speaker.  Instead, DCX2496 Behringer crossover is an active digital crossover used to manage and protect loudspeakers through equalization, delay and peak limiting. It segregates the frequency and ensures that each loudspeaker is operating in its ideal frequency range.

DCX2496 Behringer crossover has in-built 3 analog inputs including one input dedicated for AES/EBU digital stereo, 6 analog outputs and 24-bit/96 kHZ high end AD/DA converters. High grade converters provide the best signal purity and a massive dynamic range of 120 dB.

Along with the above mentioned I/O, DCX 2496 Behringer crossover offers you with four other mono and stereo output operating modes, selectable preference of Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley filters, variable delays for I/O, limiters across outputs and a variety of EQ options.

Key features of Behringer DCX 2496:

  • Unbeatable flexibility is ensured with offered with 3 analog inputs, and 6 analog outputs
  • Unadulterated audio and phenomenal dynamic range of 113dB with 24-bit/96kHz Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog converter.
  • More than 1 type of EQ for each input and output channel. EQ types (LP/BP/HP) for each input and output
  • Limiter feature on every single output channel for perfect system protection
  • Four different mono and stereo output operating modes


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