Symphony 440 Design Group shares immense joy in being authorized with Turbosound, a designer and manufacturer of professional sound systems, based in England, owned by Music Group.

Evolving from a Pro Audio speakers company in the late 1970’s, they realized that the route to providing great quality sound at large scale live music events was to design loudspeakers rather than buy someone else’s, resulting in the rise of a fledgling manufacturing operation with a small portfolio of ground-breaking products – including the first modular full-range Pro Audio speaker cabinets with real midrange, the TMS-3. Since 2012, Turbosound have been a part of Music Group, the company that owns Behringer, Klark Teknik, Midas, Tannoy, Lab Gruppen, TC Eelectronic, TC-Helicon, Bugera and a growing list of others.

Music Group’s Turbosound has unique and multi-award winning designs which have been developed around unorthodox principles, leading to a special harmony between high technology and a natural approach to the art of acoustical and electronic engineering.  Many principle patents have been awarded to Turbosound throughout the years since the company’s establishment.

Turbosound’s historical journey:

1970The birth of turbosound by Tony Andrews.
1973The first Turbo phase device unveiled with 12-inch drivers.
1978TURBOSOUND Lts is found by Tony Andrews and Tim Isaac.
1980New TURBOSOUND system with Ultra High Q for more directional and efficient sound had begun.
1982TURBOSOUND Inc. realized the sales potential in the US and began the manufacturing of more products to cover the rest of the world.
1987Turbosound received the prestigious Queen’s Awards.
2000The Polyhorn is born.
2012Turbosound receives the 3rd Queen’s Award.

Turbosound technological aspects:

  • KLARK TEKNIK DSP processor: The sophisticated and easy-to-use KLARK TEKNIK Digital Signal Processor (DSP) provides for high degree of control over the loudspeaker system’s performance.
  • ULTRANET connectivity: ULTRANET connectivity is provided by two locking etherCON connectors. Its simplified cable routing and ease of setup translate directly into significant time saving during installation.  

Music Group’s Turbosound product series:

  • TCS series:

The TCS series include the front loaded subwoofers and the arrayable 2 way full range loudspeakers. With Dendritic waveguide, KLARK TEKNIK DSP technology and ULTRANET networking, these professional sound systems provide complete control over the system while connecting to several other mixers and sources. The TCS series products are of plywood construction, available in black and white. Being weather resistant, these are majorly used for installation purposes.

  • TBV series:

The TBV series constitutes products with a front loaded subwoofer and arrayable 2 way curvature loudspeaker. With Dendritic waveguide, Klark Teknik DSP technology and ULTRANET networking, these professional sound systems are used for touring, portable and installation applications, and hence have durable handles for easy lifting and carrying.

  • Ceiling loudspeakers:

The 2 way full range ceiling loudspeaker comes with the Line transformer for installation applications. Designed and engineered in UK, these are available in white and vary from each other in terms of their size and dimensions.

  • TCX series:

The TCX series comes with 2 way loudspeaker or subwoofer for portable pro audio speakers and installation applications. Designed and engineered in UK, these professional sound systems feature concealed pole mount socket for mobile applications and integral handle for lifting and carrying, making them user-friendly. TCX series are highly weather-resistant as well.

  • TFS Flashline series:

TFS subwoofer provide flexible touring applications. Having low distortion bass reflex design, these are of plywood construction with black paint finish.

  • TFM and TFX Flashline Monitors:

TFM and TFX Flashline Monitors are co-axial 2 way stage monitors for touring applications. The featured Klark Teknik Digital Signal Processing offers for total system control. Designed and engineered in UK, these series have low profile design to maximize audience sight lines.

  • TCI impact series:

TCI Impact series constitutes 2 way full range surface-mount loudspeakers with line transformers for installation applications. The hand-selected high excursion low frequency and neodymium high frequency drivers ensure truly world class performance. Designed and engineered in UK, its black finish or white finish fits unobtrusively in any environment.

  • TLX Liverpool series:

TLX Liverpool series include compact dual subwoofer or 2 way line array element for portable and fixed installation applications and is suitable for broad range of speech and music sound reinforcement applications.

  • TMS Madrid series:

TMS Madrid has front loaded subwoofers and full range loudspeakers for portable pro audio speakers and installation applications. To enable for easy portability, TMS series has durable handles for easy lifting and carrying. Designed and engineered in UK, these are of plywood construction with black paint finish.

  • Milan M series:

Milan M series include powered subwoofers and full range powered loudspeaker systems with KARK TEKNIK DSP technology for total control. These professional sound systems can be used as Portable Pro Audio speakers as well as for installation applications. Designed and engineered in UK, these feature optimized equalization for voice or music applications.

  • TVX Venue series:

The TVX Venue series includes front loaded subwoofer and full range loudspeaker for portable pro audio speakers and installation applications.

  • Inspire iP series:

The extraordinary Inspire iP professional sound systems include powered column loudspeaker and powered subwoofer with dual amplifiers for satellite speakers. Featured with the KLARK TEKNIK’S revolutionary SST (Spatial Sound Technology), the iP series are efficient enough to create 3D acoustic environments. Designed and engineered in the UK, these are built of birch plywood and have black paint finish.

  • iQ series:

The iQ series are known for their powered loudspeaker and subwoofer with KLARK TEKNIK DSP technology, speaker modelling and ULTRANET networking. Speaker modelling includes accurate models of industry standard speakers.

  • iX series:

The iX series comprises the powered loudspeaker with KLARK TEKNIK DSP technology for total system control, remote control feature through iPhone/iPad along with Bluetooth Audio Streaming.

Popular reviews on Turbosound products:

Turbosound Milan Active Pro Audio Speakers:

The Milans are easy to set up and are also easy to carry and transport. The M10, M12 and M15 have injection-moulded enclosures that are strongly made and well finished, with strong convex steel grilles, which appear sturdy enough to withstand life on the road. The carrying handles are stylish rather than comfortable, but they’re strong and have plenty of space behind them for your hand (the smaller M10 doesn’t have side handles). The top handles are useful when loading them into a vehicle and for shunting them around, and I like the dual-angle pole-mount sockets, which enable the speakers to fire downward in smaller venues.”

-Mike Crofts, Sound On Sound.

Turbosound iP1000 column Pro Audio speaker:

Turbosound’s new iP1000 PA system follows the increasingly familiar format of a tall, thin ‘line-array’ style speaker column sitting atop a subwoofer. The waveguide is designed to match the dispersion of the main drivers. Music playback usually shows up how poor some budget PA systems actually are, but the iP1000 did a very creditable job, leaning much more towards a ‘hi-fi’ sound than most similarly-priced conventional boxes. There was also plenty of level, with a nice solid bass but without excessive boom.”

-Paul White, Sound On Sound.

Being an authorized dealer of Music Group’s Turbosound, Symphony 440 Design Group provides original, prime Turbosound Pro Audio speakers at genuine price. We, at Symphony 440 Design Group are more than happy to serve its pupils with these professional sound systems through our well established organizations at Chennai, Bangalore and Davangere. It’ll be our pleasure to help one and all in choosing the best of the Turbosound speakers, and accordingly provide all the support required in buying the right ones.

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