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Sennheiser E 835 Vocal Microphone

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Sennheiser e 835 is a high performance dynamic cardioid vocal microphone best suited for home recording, rehearsal rooms or semi-pro studios and live stage shows. E 835 is highly efficient at managing high sound pressures and rejecting feedback. This vocal microphone is fondly known for its superior sound quality which is maintained by uniform frequency pick-up pattern while operating on and off the axis during performance.

E 835 is undoubtedly one of the best vocal microphone of the Sennheiser Evolution 800 Series. Designed and built in Germany, the 800 series microphones are meant just for vocals and speech, delivering crystal clear, natural audio making them one of their own kinds.

Being a dynamic microphone, E 835 utilizes a coil which is susceptible to movement due to the sound waves. The coil vibrates in its magnetic field to generate current, which also helps in powering the vocal microphone. Hence E 835 requires no external power source for its operation. Rigid and reliable metal body construction further provides extra stability.

Features of Sennheiser E 835 vocal microphone:

  • Dynamic cardioid microphone blocks the unnecessary noise to produce pure vocals.
  • Can manage high sound pressure levels of up to 150dB. Extremely loud voices can be captured without hesitation.
  • Integrated advanced shock-mount capsule shows low sensitivity towards noise handling. This implies that the capsule is secured from handling noise levels that are troublesome at high volumes.
  • Uniform pickup pattern guarantees consistent performance irrespective of your on or off axis position from the microphone.
  • Minimal proximity effect offers you with a constant bass and quality performance whether you speak/sing closer or farther from the capsule.

Specifications of E 835 Sennheiser microphone for Vocal recording:

  • Connector: 3 Pin-Balanced XLR connector
  • Frequency response: 40Hz-16 kHz
  • Nominal impedance: 350 ohms
  • Dimensions:Ø 48 x 180 mm L
  • Weight: 330g


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