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Behringer microphone XM 8500

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The XM8500 Behringer microphone is the most widely used handheld vocal dynamic microphone. Its ultra-wide frequency response and voice-tailored sound makes it the perfect choice for speech, studio instruments, corporate events and live stage vocals.

A Dynamic microphone, unlike the condenser mic, converts sound into electrical signal through electromagnetism. The sound waves cause the wire or coil to vibrate in a magnetic field which induces current to later be converted back to sound.

Dynamic mics are sturdy and moisture-resistant giving you complete flexibility to be used in any kind of environment. These are an ideal choice for general applications such as live vocals and amplified instruments because they are characterized with relatively high gain than that of a condenser mic. Being designed with a heavy diaphragm, these work really well with low-mid frequency sounds.

Dynamic microphones are also referred as ‘Passive mic’ because they are neither equipped with an internal amplifier, nor batteries, nor any external power to drive them. The large mass in itself generates sufficient voltage to power the microphone. So all you need is just the mic and its cable.

The XM8500 Behringer microphone in its cardioid pattern efficiently reproduces clear vocals by dismissing all the off-axis sounds created from monitors, additional instruments, room ambience, etc.

XM8500 Behringer microphone is responsive to frequencies from 50 Hz to 15 kHz to offer you high level balanced output. It is equipped with a shock isolation system to handle and minimize noise levels, as well as a two-stage pop filter to reduce the wind noise. The XLR 3-pin output of this Behringer microphone is plated with gold to confirm greater compatibility with inputs from microphone preamps and mixers.

XM8500 Behringer microphone includes a microphone stand adapter and a sturdy moisture-resistant carrying case for durability.


  • Dynamic vocal microphone with smooth mid-frequency response
  • Ultra-wide frequency response for magnificent sound
  • Shock mount system to reduce handling noise
  • Integrated spherical wind and pop noise filter


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