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Case Study 03: Dedicated Home Theater at Yelahanka

Case Study 03: Dedicated Home Theater at Yelahanka

Project Description:

Location: Yelahanka, Bangalore

Scope of Work:
Dedicated Home Theater Acoustics Design & Construction

Application: Movies & Music

Room Size: 3150 Cu Ft

Interior Scheme: Contemporary

Status: Completed-April 2016


When the customer was constructing his dream home, He wanted to have a dedicated home theater to watch movies with multichannel soundtracks and listen to pitch-perfect music.


To build an acoustically treated home theater that gives viewers an excellent video and audio experience. The home theater had to be cosy and a perfect place for family movie nights.


In January 2016 Symphony 440 Design Group home theater consultants took up the project to accomplish Audio-Video and acoustical needs of the desired dedicated Home theater room.

Symphony 440 Design Group home theater designers first assessed the needs of the customer to build the best home theater for him.

Taking cues from the detailed requirement analysis, the Symphony 440 Design Group home theater consultants implemented the following:


1. We built a double door to minimize the sound radiation between the home theater & other areas. Double door technology helps keep the sound inside the home theater room and maintains privacy.

2. Designed Audio-Video equipment layout for the home theater and installed high-quality Audio quest Home Theater technical cables & interconnects before starting the acoustical wall panelling work.

We used 14AWG home theater speaker cables, and the HDMI was also top of the line Audioquest, These cables can take higher signal load even when the customer goes for a future Home theater system upgrade.

Wall Acoustics:

3. The Team treated walls with Acoustic materials like Rockwool, Acoustic Woodwool board, Acoustic foam, Fabric and slat Sound diffusion. The acoustic materials used for acoustic wall panelling were of very high quality and provided excellent absorption.

4. We then cut the pre-existing gypsum boards on the ceiling and replaced them with Acoustic panels and other acoustic materials.

We decided to do this as the Gypsum board by nature is non-acoustic and the ceiling needed to have well-balanced absorption because of the presence of Hardwood Home theater flooring.

5. We then placed a large Polycylindrical acoustic sound diffuser on the back wall behind the listening position in the home cinema room to improve the liveliness and create a space which is free of slap and flutter echoes.

We built this Acoustic Diffuser using high-density Rockwool acoustic material and Flexible Plywood. The acoustic sound diffuser also doubles up as a bass trapping device due to the presence of Rockwool acoustic infill.

Bass Trapping

6. The Home Cinema Construction team at Symphony 440 Design Group used all the four available corners of the home theater room for Bass trapping to reduce the effect of standing waves.

Although the dedicated home theater room had an acceptable room ratio, We wanted to make use of corners for bass absorption so that the Bass is even throughout the listening area in the home cinema room.

Seating Platform

7. The Team then built a Home theater seating riser with various acoustics materials and hardware to provide a tension-free movie watching with home theater recliners and sofas. The Home theater seating riser is at an elevation of 6” from the original floor.

8.The Team also used an expensive hardwood home theater flooring to give a much-needed warmth for the sound.

After multiple rounds of discussions with the Dedicated Home Theater flooring vendor, the client eventually chose to go with Wooden flooring for the entire home theater area, including the seating riser considering the ease of use and practical aspect of maintenance.

End Result of Dedicated home theater Construction

The customer, who works for a fortune 500 company at a very senior position was very patient and supportive throughout the home cinema build process and worked with us all along in choosing the right quality fabric for the dedicated home theater wall panelling, Veneer and other items.

Symphony 440 Design Group home theater designers handed over a well built, easy to maintain grand-looking dedicated Home theater room to the customer in 10 weeks.    

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