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Case Study 05: Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru

Case Study 05: Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru

Project Description:

Location: Banashankari 1st Stage / Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

Scope of Work:
Acoustic Design, Home theatre interior design & High-End Home theater System Supply and Installation

Application: Movies, Gaming

Room Size: 1600 Cu Ft

Interior Scheme: Contemporary

Status: Completed-May 2020


The customer dreamt of having an efficient High-end home theater system in a moderately sized room on the terrace floor of their upcoming duplex house at Ashok Nagar, Bangalore.
They were initially skeptical about dedicating a small-sized space of 15’6” L x 11’W for the before said purpose. However, our Home Theater Solutions team at Symphony 440 Design Group instilled confidence in them and guaranteed to deliver an excellent audio-visual experience under their specified budget.


Though a small space, to maximize the available area, we decided to implement a home theater interior design that complements several multipurpose applications.
Our prior experience with similar small-sized home theater rooms helped set the right set of goals for this home theater interior design. With the main focus on acoustics, we decided to achieve a balanced Home theater interior design that would provide superior Dolby atmos audio with crystal clear high definition images.


Following the modern-day classic yet elegant contemporary style, We finished the walls with premium fabric. Further complementing these are the wooden flooring with gypsum and acoustic panels for the ceiling.
Every element was diligently colour matched to enhance the aesthetics as well as to emphasize lighting.


After multiple discussion and brainstorming sessions, Symphony 440 Design Group Home theater Solutions team came up with a Home theater design interior that delivers excellent value and aesthetics. Implementations include:
1. To start with, We installed High-quality Valueline speaker cables and newly introduced Profigold Optical HDMI & interconnects for home theater equipment connectivity.
Since we were using a premium projector in Sony VPL 45ES, we did not want to compromise on the technical cabling.
2. For the same purpose, we went ahead with an optical HDMI cable to attain superior picture quality. To maintain the signal integrity, we designed a conduit layout specifically for the speaker cables so that its length was at a minimum.
3. RG6 and Cat6 cables were configured from outside to bring the satellite TV and Internet connectivity into the home theater room, thereby allowing the customer for endless streaming of their choice.
4. With enough Absorption and HF reflection panels on the side and rear walls along with corner bass traps, front speakers could produce balanced, non-fatiguing sound.
Acoustic Absorption panels, built using acoustic materials of different densities and thickness, serve exceptionally well as broadband panels.
5. As the room was smaller in size, we introduced Sound diffusion panel on the rear wall to scatter the highs and get a diffused sound field at the back.
Our home theater solutions team took special care not to make the Sound diffuser excessively large as it would have disturbed the seating layout both physically & sonically.
6. Since the home theater interiors under the specified budget, inexpensive acoustical foam panels were used on the ceiling beneath the Saint Gobain boards to absorb the high and mid-range frequencies.
7. The high-density acoustic infill materials stuffed before the ceiling panels reduce the effect of low-frequency modal resonances. Specially designed acoustical panels hung from the concrete ceiling aided in further bass absorption.
8. Since the customer wanted an easy to maintain flooring for their home theater room, Our Home Theater Solutions team suggested wooden flooring, which also fulfilled the contemporary Home theatre design theme.
The wooden flooring further served as beneficial in keeping the sound warmer and enjoyable.

Audio & Video:

9. Since we decided to place all the AV sources and Home theater receiver at the front, right below the screen, a more straightforward operation is possible.
10. The installed audio rack is highly efficient and has space for an AVR, Blu-Ray player, Gaming station and other such sources along with a UPS. Audio Rack, through its neat organization, added an extra appeal by maintaining a clutter-free home theater.
11. While the Home theater lights on the ceiling provided light for day to day activities, the home theater interior, equipped with additional premium quality strip lights on both the sidewalls, offers better aesthetics.
12. Regarding the audio systems, the primary essence of any home theatre room, Mr Rajkumar, like any other customer, wanted a very crisp and natural-sounding speaker system.
13. We, therefore, decided to go with the European Dali Spektor 6 sound system, known for their detailed, non-fatiguing audio.
This new range of Dali Spektor 6 home theater speakers suit excellently for smaller rooms. These along with matching Dali Spektor Vokal center channel, Dali Spektor 2 bookshelf surround speakers, Tannoy ceiling Atmos speakers and the capable Denon AVR X-2600H Home theater AV receiver produce incredibly detailed audio.
14. The subwoofer of this 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos home theater is the clear showstopper of all. To complement the other Dali speakers, we opted to try our chance with the tiny Dali Sub E9F.
Though we initially were little apprehensive about its performance due to its small size, the Dali subwoofer proved that subwoofers aren’t supposed to be judged by their size.
When tested with a Dolby Atmos demo disc, it produced such immensely magnificent yet subtle bass that we were left asking for more. It features few impressive spikes that allow the subwoofer to decouple from the floor to produce an immaculate, non-disruptive bass.

15. The Full HD, Sony VPL45 ES projector , partnered with the 110” home theater screen is another star performer of this home theater set up. Exceptionally well built and aptly placed Sony projector presents you with such amazingly pleasing Full HD images that you do not feel much difference with the 4K images.   

16. Although we wanted to put not more than three recliners, The customer insisted on having the maximum seating possible at his home theater. The carefully chosen, custom-built motorized home theater recliners with fabric upholstery provide top of the line comfort for movie watching.
17. We advised them to build a 6” H platform filled with sand and other such infills to accommodate this more significant number of recliners. The recliners were hence successfully installed in two rows.
The Home Theater Solutions team at Symphony 440 Design Group efficiently completed and handed over a gamer-friendly, multipurpose home theater room in 2.5 months.
The entire process went ahead very smoothly because our client, A famous fashion designer duo in the media industry, was very clear from the start with his ideas and intentions. He provided us with sufficient time to offer Home theater solutions with utmost care and perfection.
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