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XSW 1-825 Sennheiser Microphone Wireless

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XSW 1-825, from the spectacular Sennheiser XS Wireless Digital series, is one of the best wireless microphones suitable for any vocal performances from hosts to singers to musicians. One set of XSW1-825 consists of a pair of handheld Sennheiser microphone wireless device and a management system. These devices have been passionately designed to offer you user-friendly, easy set-up and convenient handling features.

Now, allow us to take you through the XSW or XS Wireless Digital series to help you understand XSW 1-825 deeper.

XS Wireless Digital, as the name suggests, extends an effortless, undisruptive, instant connection to you. Through the transmitter and receivers which show great compatibility with each other, XSW utilizes a 2.4 GHz wireless connection to serve the purpose.

Few prominent features of XSW series are as follows:

  • One of the greatest advantages of the Sennheiser microphone wireless system is that it presents you with incredible portability.
  • It has a ready-to-use set up, implying that a single power button provides for easy operations. A single click develops an immediate connection, another tap mutes the same and longer hold on the button turns the device off.
  • 4 GHz digital transmission terminates the troublesome requirement of syncing the frequencies.

Features of XSW 1-825 Sennheiser microphone wireless devices:

  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-set-up handheld system through wireless transmission.
  • Includes an EM-XSW 1 dual channel stationary receiver with internal antennas, two SKM XSW transmitters with mute switches, two MZQ 1 microphone clips, an NT 12-5 CW power supply, and four AA batteries.
  • Receiver from Sennheiser is a 2-channel analog UHF receiver.
  • Holds massive capacity to support 10 channels simultaneously.
  • Features Sennheiser’s proprietary e825 dynamic cardioid capsule for high feedback and off-axis sound rejection.
  • Can flexibly be mounted on any microphone stand.

Specifications of XSW 1-825 Sennheiser microphone wireless device:

  • Pick-up pattern: Cardioid
  • S/N ratio: ?103dB
  • Operating time: 10 hours
  • Diversity principle: Antenna switching diversity via internal antennas
  • Receiver weight: 340g
  • Microphone weight: Approx. 245g


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