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GIK Acoustics Gotham


The Gotham N23 5 ” Acoustic diffuser panels will help you reduce the intensity of reflections and turn them into sonically pleasing diffused soundscapes.

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Acoustic diffuser panels are the best tools to break up pressure zones in the room and reduce slapback echoes. A perfect companion to acoustical absorbers, the acoustic diffusers do not remove sound energy from the space but reduce the intensity of comb filtering and echoes while keeping the room lively.

With the ability to scatter sound in both horizontal and vertical planes, our quadratic Acoustic diffuser panels are two-dimensional with well-defined diffusion patterns across two planes. With the Gotham N23 acoustic diffuser, your room is sure to sound bigger and livelier than ever before.

Some of the commercial Acoustic diffuser panels available in the market do not have TRUE diffusion characteristics because they lack accurate mathematical calculations. GIK Acoustics’ Gotham N23 5 ” Quadratic Diffuser has a 23-root, a calculated quadratic sequence that is machine cut within 120th of an inch, Delivering incredible performance and aesthetics with a small footprint.

The Gotham N23 5 ” Quadratic Acoustic diffuser panels will help you reduce the intensity of harmful reflections and turn them into sonically pleasing diffused soundscapes. With the usage of Gotham Acoustic diffusers, high frequencies will be retained in your room while making the studio or home theatre sound more massive than it is.

Sound diffusion is all about great design and paying attention to every detail. Built based on proven Audio Science and impeccable precision, The  Gotham N23 5″ QRD diffusers are one of the most sought after TRUE acoustic diffusers in the Indian market today.

GIK Gotham diffusers provide even sound diffusion from 1250Hz to 9500Hz, with scattering effects down to 650Hz. These come with two sawtooth hangers for easy wall & ceiling mounting.

Designed by professionals with years of experience in acoustics, you can stay worried free and orient GIK Gotham sound diffusers side by side diagonally or in the regular one after the other fashion. While doing so, you needn’t worry about phase and such issues, as these acoustic diffusers maintain excellent hemispheric dispersion characteristics.

The Gotham N23 5 ” acoustic diffuser panels when combined with our 3.625″  GIK Acoustics 242 Acoustical Panels and Softfit bass traps, provide you with a great sounding studio or home theatre room free of slapback echoes and muddiness.

If you are not sure about the acoustic treatment for your space, do feel free to contact us to bring the best sound to your home studio.


Size: 17.5 ” x 17.5 ” x 5.5 ”

Finish: Medium density fibre/Wood

Type: 23 root Quadratic Residue Diffusor

Weight: 9Kg

Thickness: 5.5.”

Finish: MDF wood

Pricing: As mentioned above.

Availability:  All GIK products are built & manufactured in the United Kingdom. Symphony 440 Design Group can deliver the selected GIK Acoustics Gotham N23 Acoustic diffuser panels to your doorstep anywhere in India including New Delhi, Sikkim, Bangalore, Pune, and Chennai in 6-8 weeks.

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