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Acoustic Baffles


Our acoustic baffles made of Polysynth also have an aesthetic appeal quotient to them along with reducing your acoustical problems in an auditorium.

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The design of acoustics in architecture is gaining more and more importance every day with the increase in urbanization and sound pollution. Sound dampening by employing acoustical panels has become an integral part of acoustics in architecture and rightly so. As the requirement for ceiling acoustic treatment is evolving with time, new and more efficient materials are being used to build it.

Acoustic Baffles is one such material that is becoming to the go-to acoustical panel in the ceiling acoustic treatment of Auditoriums & Office Spaces. Our acoustic baffles made of Polysynth also have an aesthetic appeal quotient to them along with reducing your acoustical problems in an auditorium.

You can use these acoustic ceiling baffles to dampen noise and control sound in a variety of spaces.

We offer these acoustical panels in different sizes, densities and thickness needed for complete suitability.

You can use these Acoustic ceiling baffles as an alternative to acoustic tiles, acoustic wall panels and fabric wall panels that are used widely in acoustics in architecture.

Materials used inside our custom Acoustic baffle are thermally bonded and chemical-free and extremely eco-friendly. Your Installation team would love these ceiling acoustic baffles as they do not itch like other acoustic materials.

Compared to Rockwool and Glass wool this Poly synth-based acoustic baffles also stay in the original/installed position for a lifetime. They do not sag over time from panelling and partitions.

Poly Synth based acoustic ceiling baffles are pleasant to touch and easy to install. Due to their technical properties, Furniture companies use Polysynth material in the construction of beds and other types of furniture. Also, the core material is non carcinogenic and does not constitute any health hazard.

The installation-friendly and non-itchy character of the polyester wool synth-based acoustic baffle has made it a top-rated acoustic solution for acoustic treatment of Auditoriums, Corporate offices and other large spaces.

Also, Due to comprehensive response, the acoustic baffle provides for the construction industry, Acoustic baffle has become a go-to acoustic solution with unbeatable reliability.

Poly wool-based acoustic ceiling baffle panels provide thermal and Acoustic insulation solution for all fields of construction – from residential buildings to commercial buildings.

You can use these Ceiling Baffle used for acoustics in architecture along with our wall treatment options from GIK Acoustics.

Pricing:  As mentioned above.

Colour: Unlimited colours when wrapped with fabric.

Quantity:  Minimum of 1000 Panels of 4’x2’ Size.

Availability: We can provide the necessary technical consultation, offer competitive pricing and have this Ceiling Baffle used for acoustics in architecture shipped to anywhere in India, including to cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Thrissur, Cochin,  Palakkad & Visakhapatnam in 1-2 weeks.

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