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Line Array Speakers Explained

Line Array Speakers Explained

The public address (PA) systems are the primary source of producing sound in an auditorium. The microphone in a PA system picks up sound that gets electronically amplified and reproduced by speakers. These PA systems come in a wide variety.

Line array speaker system that came into the market about 50 years ago is one of the most influential speakers installed in auditoriums to provide the best sound experience.

In this Blog, Let us find out answers for the FAQ related to Line Array Speaker Systems-What are the advanced features of Line array speakers? How is it different from the traditional point-source PA system? When is an LA speaker better than point source speakers?

A line array speaker system comes equipped with identical loudspeaker drivers arranged either in the vertical or horizontal axis. The most widely used Vertical line array is used to output audio to farther distances using similar components that gets fed in phase.

The drivers in a LA system are positioned closely and work on the principle of constructive interference to deliver much higher Sound Pressure Levels throughout the Auditorium compared to Point source loudspeakers.

The traditional point source speakers, on the other hand, shoot sound in a full range from one point. 

Advantages of using LA speakers:

1. Improved Sound Quality:

Line array speakers get rid of sound dropping off with the distance between the speakers and the audience, providing consistent sound levels throughout the Auditorium.

Also, the likes of QSC KLA12 line array speakers allow you to orient them at different angles and adjust each speaker’s sound level in the array to project louder sound to the back rows in the Auditorium.  

2. Reduction in Sound Reflections:

Since the LA speaker systems are tall, they control the high-frequency sound that hits the ceiling. When the sound hitting the ceiling is reduced, the echo generated from it also comes down.

The tall array speakers also block sound from entering into the stage area, which, in turn, eliminates the sound reproduced through stage mics. Thus, professional LA speakers help clean up the overall reflection of sound and improve the sound quality in the Auditorium.  

3. Superior Sound Pressure Level (SPL):

Professional LA Audio systems produce single coherent sound waves. Since Professional LA speakers come with many drivers that can produce high SPL, they operate extremely well without reaching the stress point.  

4. Aesthetic appeal:

You can suspend LA speakers from the auditorium ceiling without affecting the aesthetic appeal. And they are best suited for Auditorium, gymnasium, sports arenas, indoor stadium, malls, and reception halls.

Disadvantages of Line Array Speakers?

1. Cost:

Line array speaker systems are pretty expensive compared to Point source counterparts. An increase in costing is mainly due to the engineering and research that goes into making a LA, and the components involved to build a line array are much higher than Point source loudspeaker.

2. Room issues:

Line array speakers show restrictions in functionality in shallow rooms and small venues. They work great only in large spaces such as auditoriums.

3. Height:

To work at their full potential, LA Speaker systems will need considerable height in an auditorium. If you happen to install line arrays in a room where the height is limited, then the vertical dispersion/throw you get from the system is lost.

All in all, line array speakers do not work well for shallow rooms and small venues. Also, when you can’t suspend line array speakers, you have to go with a point source speaker.

Professional LA speakers are more expensive than point source speakers. If the need is to cover large areas with superior quality, balanced sound Line array speakers come to the rescue.

Contact our Professional Sound Engineers for further understanding on Line Array Systems. 

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