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How to Choose the Best High End Home Theater Speaker System

How to Choose the Best High End Home Theater Speaker System

When you’re watching a movie in your home theater, the two aspects that define the viewing experience are the quality of the picture and sound. While choosing a suitable projector or TV is vital to treat your eyes, the sound wrapping the room immerses you in the real feeling of what you’re watching.

When you’re using a high definition TV or a 4K Projector to get the best images, you’ve got to match it up with nothing but the best sounding home theater speaker system. So how do you build a great home theater speaker system?

A home theater speaker system typically has a combination of speakers. The front speakers – left, right & Center- provide the bulk of the sound you listen to while watching programs or movies. These 3 Speakers are placed near the screen. Surround speakers go onto the wall near the seating area while In-ceiling speakers deliver overhead Atmos audio.

You can also use the AV Rack to accommodate all your high-end AV gadgets and place the front 3 LCR speakers. To complement this setup, you could add one or more powered subwoofers.

And if you’re looking to keep the sound in the room at a modest level, you could go with a compact satellite speaker system that you can fix on a bookshelf, wall or ceiling.   

Home Theater Speaker system layout:

1. Front speakers (L&R):

A pair of front left and front right speakers are used to produce BGM & other directional sounds when watching a movie. You can pick and choose from a wide variety of front speakers available in India, Starting from a 3” Satellite speaker to a 3’ tall floorstanding speaker and everything in between.

If you happen to have the budget and real estate, accommodate a taller floor stand speaker system from Klipsch or Paradigm. You will be able to get detailed, full-range audio in both Dolby atmos movie and stereo music setups.  

2. Center speaker(C):

A center channel speaker delivers more than 40% of the movie sound. So choosing an excellent central channel speaker is critical to hear the best quality movie dialogue and song lyrics.

A compact AV Rack is the best place to keep a small center channel. If you pick tower speakers for Left and Right, use a large center home theater speaker to complement their powerful audio. Providing a seamless balance between the main Left and Right speakers, the center channel speaker offers well-coordinated directional sound from the front.  

3. Surround speakers (SR & SL):

While watching a movie, do you enjoy the sound of raindrops or leaves rustling? Then thank the surround speakers. Surround speakers enhance ambient effects of the sound of a flowing river, running car, or bullet firing. Surround speakers deliver unique ambient sounds.

Bipole and Dipole surround speakers have specially built drivers that deliver different ambient sounds. This sound diffusion creates an enhanced wraparound audio effect.  

4. Ceiling Atmos Speakers (TFL, TFR):

If you want to create a Dolby Atmos effect, use additional speakers in the ceiling.   

5. Subwoofers (.1):

Watching a war movie with too many bomb explosion and jet swooping in scenes? Then it would help if you had Subwoofers to enjoy the deep bass soundtracks.


Before buying a subwoofer, you need to understand which one suits your room the best. Subwoofers with large drivers produce deeper bass. So, if you have bigger home theater rooms, then go for a larger subwoofer such as Paradigm Defiance X12. For a smaller space, you could set up a compact subwoofer.

Are you looking for personalized advice for setting up a High-End Home Theater speaker system in your home theater? Or are you searching for consultants to help you build your dream home theater? Feel free to reach out to our friendly home theater experts at Symphony 440 Design Group.

Our experts know how to build a home theater inside and out. Let us know what expertise you seek, and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Image Courtesy: GIK Acoustics  


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