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Why Should Architects Collaborate with Acoustical Consultants Early on the Project?

Why Should Architects Collaborate with Acoustical Consultants Early on the Project?

Often architects wonder if they should hire an acoustical engineer for their projects. And even if they hire one, at what stage of the project should it happen? We have the answers to your questions.

Architects should start working closely with acoustical consultants for construction projects as early as possible. For instance, when architects hire acoustic consultants during the project’s design stage, architects avoid replicating acoustical flaws for identical rooms.

Want to learn more about how Acoustical consultants help architects build with the best ambience? Read on our blog.  

Why should architects collaborate with Acoustical Consultants early on in the project?

Mahaya in Bengaluru is a high-end restaurant that opened to diners recently. The restaurant had been designed aesthetically to include the most elegant flooring, high ceiling, and custom made wall paintings.

Most exquisite food was being served in a magnificent room. It seemed to be a perfect place to dine until a major flaw in the building design was discovered. The diners had to strain their ears to listen to what the person across the table is telling – making the dining experience a very uncomfortable one.

This problem would have never surfaced had the building architect hired an Acoustical Consultant during the construction process to treat the surrounding noise and achieve sound control.   

Who are Acoustical Consultants?

To answer in the most straightforward words, Acoustical Consultants are sound doctors who treat surrounding noise to provide the best possible ambience to restaurants, office spaces, classrooms, auditoriums, home theatres, and studios.

By using specific materials such as Acoustic foam, Acoustic false ceiling tiles, Acoustical wood wool boards, acoustical consultants change the environment of a room to solve complex acoustic architecture problems and achieve sound control.

And during this entire process, the entire acoustic design and function of the building will remain uncompromised.   

At what stage of a construction project should an architect hire an acoustical consultant?

An architect should involve an acoustical consultant in a project as early as possible. Let’s say an architect designs ten identical rooms for an office space.

If an acoustical consultant does not look into those designs to identify potential acoustic flaws, then the same acoustic problem will appear in all 10 rooms.

After all, you don’t want to end up in an office space that comes with bad acoustics for conference rooms. Therefore, architects should hire an acoustical consultant at the early stage of the construction project to avoid further hassles and improve the acoustic design.

Symphony 440 Design Group’s acoustic engineers help Indian architects pinpoint acoustic design problems and provide advice to improve sound quality in a room.  Our acoustical solutions and sound control techniques are cost-effective and come well under our client’s budget.

Symphony 440 Design Group assesses how a building’s acoustic design impacts sound levels and quality inside the room and provide creative solutions to reduce noise-related problems generated by echoes and reverberations.

Our consultants have worked closely with architects to help them design a room’s architecture by defining the room’s shape and size to provide the best room acoustics and suggest invisible architectural changes that will transform a visitor’s experience in an environment.

Symphony 440 Design Group Consultants guide architects to conceptualize and design rooms for acoustic excellence and support through the testing, constructing, and commissioning of business-critical projects in any location in South & West India.

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  • Ken Hwan
    Posted September 22, 2017 at 9:16 pm

    I like your point that hiring a noise/acoustical consultant early on will prevent flaws from being repeated across the entire building. My uncle is building a music cafe and has hired an architecture. We’ll make sure to hire a noise consultant too to work with the architect and make sure the venue sounds great.

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