Introduction to QSC range of Power Amplifiers

QSC Amplifiers

What’s QSC?

Quilter Sound Company, Popularly known as QSC is a world renowned Professional audio product manufacturer building High performance loudspeakers, Digital mixers, Digital signal processors including Q Sys network platform that controls audio, video and control systems. QSC products are widely used in Cinema, Live sound and corporate install applications. In India, QSC is headquartered at Bangalore and provides sales and service support through its authorized dealers.

QSC with a wide product portfolio is also known for its Premium power amplifiers. Since last four decades QSC has been producing some incredible amplifiers that are used by musicians, Disk jockeys, Hotels, Home Theaters, Cinemas, Auditoriums and event production companies.

QSC amplifiers are so good that even engineers using loudspeakers from other brands use QSC amplifiers to achieve powerful and detailed sound. Considering the wide range of application they would be used in, QSC has amplifiers for every audio application you can think of:

Installed Sound & Systems amplifier Line Up:

GX and GXD series: Catering to live sound application market, these QSC amplifiers are affordable and lightweight. Perfectly suitable for small events and musicians on the move.

QSC amplifier GXD

RMXa and PLX Series: Again manufactured to suit live sound applications, This QSC Power amplifier range is ideal for Medium sized portable PA.

PLD and Powerlight 3 Series: Used in Medium to Large concert and PA applications. This QSC amplifier range delivers up to five thousand watts of power. These amplifiers are built upside down to keep small dust particles away from getting into the circuit boards.

GXD Series: QSC Power amplifier range with built in Digital signal processor that helps in fine tuning the sound according to the venue requirements.

Cinema Sound amplifier Line Up:

DCA: THX approved QSC cinema amplifiers with innovative data port interface.

ISA: These 3 rack unit QSC power amplifier range delivers up to 4000W of power.

DPA: Highly efficient premium range of QSC amplifiers with powerful onboard system processing.

DPA Q: Designed specifically for usage with Q Sys control platform with flexible amplifier summing technology.


Proprietary Amplifier Technologies:

FAST: Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology™ or simply put FAST allows total amplifier power to be shared across one, two, three or all four channels.

Intrinsic Correction: Proprietary technology that helps in quicker deployment of QSC line array and other range of loudspeakers.

On Board DSP: On board digital signal processor present in DPA and GXD amplifiers helps the engineer tune the system according to the venue requirement.

Q Range: Built to be used with Q Sys platform, these network amplifiers from QSC are ideal for cinema and installed sound applications.

Symphony 440 Design Group has used quite a few QSC amplifiers for their projects all over India. The recent installation being the 1000 Sqft. Function hall audio install in Karatagi,North Karnataka where ISA 300Ti QSC power amplifier was used to power up 10 numbers of  AC C6T QSC ceiling speakers.  In the month of August 2019, Symphony 440 design group also set up a QSC mini cinema with 4 numbers of QSC DPA 4.2 amplifiers. These were used along with QSC SC series Screen channel speakers, SR 800 surround speakers and dual 18” SB 5218 QSC subwoofer. Since these QSC DPA 4.2 amplifiers had in built DSP capability, Audio engineering team at Symphony 440 Design Group was able to tune the system according the customer’s taste and requirement.

All the technical specification and jargons aside, QSC amplifiers are hands down the most reliable amplifiers on the market. Be it for large scale cinema auditorium or a small Custom Home audio application.

Feel free to contact the Audio Consultancy team at Symphony 440 Design Group who are also the Authorized QSC dealers in Bangalore to suggest you the right set of QSC amplifiers for your Passive speaker systems.