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Symphony 440 Design Group is proud to bring to its prospects the QSC Speakers and
Amplifiers. QSC or Quilter Sound Company is named after its founder, Patrick Howe
Quilter, who presently is the chairman of board of directors. Being based in the USA,
QSC has been contributing to powerful audio visuals since 50 years. QSC Speakers are
celebrated worldwide for their innovative design and features which has lead them to
the top audio products of high-performance loudspeakers, digital mixers, power
amplifiers, audio processors, digital cinema solutions, and the exclusive Q-SYS™
software-based audio, video and control Ecosystem.
With its official headquarters at Costa Mesa, California, QSC also functions from
Colorado, Boulder and Hong Kong. Other than these, it is customer friendly throughout
Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East as the sales and support
staff are located worldwide.
QSC Speakers and Amplifiers have their own advanced manufacturing unit and quality
control processors on a massive 81,000 square foot of land at California. This exclusive
facility has proved to be immensely beneficiary as it provides them with an extra notch
to attend every customer’s necessities while keeping up with their experiments and
A brief History of QSC Speakers and Amplifiers:
1968 QSC came into existence under the good efforts of Patrick Howe Quilter.
1968 QSC amplifiers named Duck Amp and the Quilter Sound Thing became

popular for guitar amplifiers.

1980 Patrick ventured into developing electrically powered amplifiers
1990 Invention of QSControl (Q’s Control), a network audio system for remote

control and monitoring of amplifier systems.


Licensed to Ethernet-based networking to distribute multiple channels of
audio signals in the digital domain through a common platform.


Became a major supplier of loudspeaker systems.
2011 Patrick retired from QSC to start Quilter Labs
2015 Company officially christened as QSC, LLC
QSC was listed as one among the ‘Top Work Places’ by the Orange County Register for
consecutive years from 2010 to 2015.

QSC Speakers India Series:
– CP Series: The new CP Series are superior quality compact active loudspeakers
from QSC Speakers India. These serve as the ultimate standards in terms of
performance, due to their long-lasting reliability and versatility. Being marvelously

compact, light-weight and easily portable, these provide for convenient installations
and are user-friendly.
– QSC K.2 Series: The QSC K.2 Series are the premium active loudspeakers which
come with an ideal amalgamation of graceful and efficient design, stupendous audio
performance, superior functionality and honest QSC reliability. QSC K12.2 is one of
the most celebrated range of this series. With QSC’s DMT™ (Directivity – Matched
Transition), the QSC K12.2 provides an unrestricted and smooth audio coverage
and power response throughout the listening area.
– KW Series: KW series are loudspeakers contained in a wooden enclosure, mainly
to feature all the groundbreaking electronic attributes. Though having a container, it
is compact in size and light-weight, allowing for easy portability and convenient set-
– KS Series: The QSC KS Active Subwoofer has three products namely, KS112,
KS212C and KS118. The KS series are ultra-compact, directional and deliver
majestic performance. Like the other K Series, even these allow for portability and
easy installations.
– E Series: The E Series is a range of passive loudspeakers made up of strong built,
genuine reliability and a fantastic sonic performance. E series can be opted for any
purpose of entertainment, be it live sound, DJ and dance, music or karaoke.
– WideLine 8 Series: The QSC WideLine 8 is a range of passive line array
loudspeakers used for various types of space, be it small or large in area. One of the
most eminent feature of the Wideline 8 series is its 140° horizontal coverage angle,
which makes it the widest of any line array system. Wideline 8 Series comes with a
two 8” woofers accompanied with two models of dual 12” subs.
– WideLine 10 Series: The QSC WideLine 10, like the WideLine 8 series features the
extraordinary 140° horizontal coverage pattern to capture a wide angle in its range. It
features a two 10” woofers along with two models of dual 18” subs.
– KLA Series: The QSC KLA is a range of active line array loudspeakers in a simple,
user-friendly product. It’s simple Lift, Click and Play approach reduces a great deal
of time required for its set-up as compared to other line array speakers.
QSC Digital Mixers:
– TouchMix Series: QSC TouchMix Series are the most powerful compact digital
mixers built to deliver some exceptional features and capabilities. Its three main
popular products, namely TouchMix-8, TouchMix-16 and TouchMix-30 Pro serve as
all-time companions for musicians, bands, AV production professionals as well as
small performance venues. Due to their compact size, they are highly portable even
for a carry-on luggage.

QSC Power Ampifiers:

– GX Series: QSC GX series are light and affordable power amplifiers, perfect for
professional musicians and entertainers in quest of superior audio performance with
adequate portability on a minimal budget.
– GXD Series: QSC GXD series are a range of processing amplifiers ideal for
portability and high sonic performance with demanding network DSP software, all
available at an affordable pricing. These have two amplifiers, namely the GXD4 and
GXD8, each providing magnificent Class-D power in a lightweight and efficient
– PLD Series: QSC PLD series are a range of processing amplifiers representing a
revolutionary advancement in technology and innovation. Designed specifically for
the purpose of high portability and production sound systems, PLD provides
adequate, strong and exceptional high fidelity power to drive multiple channels and
configurations of a loudspeaker.
– PLX2 Series: QSC PLX2 series is a range of high-end, high-power amplifiers
designed specifically for extraordinary audio performance for a live sound. Built on
the third generation of QSC PowerLight® technology, PLX2 amplifiers combine light
weight, superlative audio quality and proven QSC reliability.

Popular reviews on QSC Speakers India:
QSC K12.2:
“QSC have a reputation for producing effective PA equipment for musicians at sensible
prices, occupying the middle ground between more affordable but less refined systems,
and high-end esoterica. This new K.2 series of active speakers, which are certainly
attractively priced, would appear to offer plenty of clean power and include overall four-
band EQ plus basic mixing for stand-alone applications. At the given pricing, there is
nothing to complain about it.”
“The QSC CP12 is a great-sounding PA speaker that doesn't take up a lot of space.
Enjoy top-quality sound, thanks to robust drivers and state-of-the-art DSP. Experience
1,000 watts of earth-shaking power, by way of an efficient, lightweight Class D power
-Digital Trends

Being an authorized dealer of QSC speakers in India, Symphony 440 Design Group
provides original, prime speakers and amplifiers at genuine price. We, at Symphony 440
Design Group are more than happy to serve its pupils with these exceptional speakers
in India through our well established organizations at Chennai, Bangalore and It’ll be our
pleasure to help one and all in choosing the best of these speakers and accordingly
provide all the support required in buying the right ones.

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