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Home Theater Design

Need Analysis

Home theater designs are unique. The design varies depending on the location, room size, primary usage, budget, aesthetic preferences and many more factors. This is why we conduct a detailed needs analysis for your home theater requirement. We understand your primary usage needs & Applications to suggest the appropriate Interior Acoustics and Audio-Visual Products. You give us your idea, and we will create a fun place for your family and friends to gather and make memories.


Home theater installation budget involves costs associated with audio-video equipment, seating arrangement, acoustic treatment, and many more. We provide the most effective cost proposal considering all your requirements. Our consultants make sure you spend the right amount of money for the right reason. While ensuring you have enough knowledge of equipment and design of theatre you want us to build for you.

Pre-construction Testing

We visit the site and inspect all the factors before commissioning a custom home cinema. Our consultants assess and identify potential problems to minimize project risk. We analyze the room environment, lighting conditions, noise level, reverberation time, Low-frequency modal behaviour of the room, and other critical factors that influence the sound & video quality. Based on the test insights, we neutralize the home theater room for the best experience.

Acoustical Interior Design

We offer customized solutions to transform any room into a truly specialized entertainment environment that seamlessly integrates stunning aesthetics and designer furnishings. We suggest the best fabric option, flooring materials, complimenting wall colours and lighting, the most comfortable seating recliners, and theme-based design materials. We provide 3D designs to show you how your room will look even before materializing it. This gives you a chance to request potential changes when they can be easily accommodated.

Audio-Visual Equipment Layout Design

Scientifically accurate drawings play a vital role in executing the plan. Every inch of the Home theater room becomes important while calculating the seating locations, screen size, wiring layout, and the best possible acoustic treatment. We use sophisticated computer software & tools to factor in every detail of your room to get this right. We consider your room shape and size, viewing distance, image quality, seating positions and ambient light to design the home theater carefully.

Technical Audio-Video Wiring Installation

Even if you don’t plan to install every feature at once, it is essential to wire for every component to avoid inconveniences and hazards. We consider your future needs and provide wiring design and installation for Audio-Visual Systems. We select the best in class, High-Performance cables & accessories that are durable and match specific site-specific requirements.

Acoustical Construction

Step 07 is all about putting the acoustic plan into action. We treat walls, ceiling and floor based on the report insights. We convert the room with bare surfaces to a well? balanced, sonically pleasant space with technically accurate placement & materials.

Home Theater System Installation & Calibration

Professional Home Theater System installation and calibration will make your audio-video systems sound and look at least 50% better. We use high-resolution acoustic measurements coupled with rigorous calibration processes to optimize your home theater system. Our approach follows industry standards and best practices from our previous installations. We undertake everything from simple systems with an AVR and a single sub to multi-seat, multi-sub set-ups.

Our Projects

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