Case Study 2: Home Theater at Jayanagar, Bengaluru

Jayanagar Home Theater

Type: Dedicated Home Theater Room

Location: Jayanagar, Bengaluru

Scope of Work: Acoustics Design with Audio Video System supply and installation

Application: Movies & Music

Room Size: 2400 Cu Ft

Interior Scheme: Contemporary

Status: Completed-April 2014


Mr. Karthik, an Architect by profession and an AV enthusiast wanted a dedicated home theater in their home located in Jayanagar, Bengaluru to enjoy high quality movie watching experience along with his family.


To build an ultimate high quality home cinema that gives the best movie watching experience. The home theater had to be built in time and within the given budget. The Home Theater was designed to accommodate about 3 people on Motorized home theater recliners. It was decided to use casual seating arrangements if a need arises for additional seating.

Acoustics & Audio-Video

Symphony 440 Design Group home theater consultants surveyed the house to understand the home theater room requirements. The size of the room, the home theater furniture to be installed, and the acoustic treatments required were studied to provide the best in class experience to the clients.

  1. Used the entire wall surface for installing acoustical wall paneling with a mixture of absorption, reflection, diffusion and bass trapping to reduce reverberation and modal resonances. The materials used for acoustical wall paneling are Rockwool, acoustic foam, Acoustical boards of 16mm thickness etc. All of the acoustic materials put together help in getting the best sound out of high end Bowers & Wilkins home theater system.
  2. Slanted Wooden panels were used to increase the aesthetic appeal and provide a contemporary look to the home cinema room. These slanted wooden panels also double up acoustic sound diffusers due to the angle in which they are installed.
  3. Designed a high quality AV Rack which has the capacity to accommodate multiple home theater items like Marantz AV Receiver,Blu Ray Player, Bowers & Wilkins Home theater Center Channel Speaker etc.
  4. Installed a very thick plush acoustic cut pile Carpet to avoid reflections from the flooring. This had to be done considering the ceiling is reflective and has combination of Gypsum & wood throughout.
  5. Designed AV System layout & installed high quality B&W 683 Speaker System with Marantz SR 5009 AV receiver to provide an immersive and thrilling surround sound Dolby experience. The Marantz AV receiver puts out 110W of power per channel that helps the B&W Speaker system in giving a very warm, detailed sound.
  6. Installed Bowers & Wilkins Subwoofer at an appropriate place in the home theater room to produce deep, stomping bass. The Bowers & Wilkins ASW 610 subwoofer that has a 10” woofer fills the room with excellent bass and gets integrated with the main Bowers & Wilkins floor standing & center channel speakers very well.
  7. Installed Panasonic Full HD projector capable of putting out great full HD 3d images that are nothing short of spectacular.
  8. A 110” home theater screen was set up on the front wall of the home cinema room that helps in bringing out the best out of Panasonic home theater projector. This screen is an eye let type and has been installed by professional home theater installation personnel.
  9. Placed 3 custom built home theater electric recliners with freezer and other special features to provide extraordinary comfort. These home theater electric recliners were placed about 3’away from the back wall to make sure that the audience are sitting in the same axis as that of Bowers & Wilkins dipole surround speakers.

The client being a renowned architect himself supported the team throughout the implementation of the Home cinema project and worked with us all along in selecting the right quality Acoustic treatment materials for the home theater wall paneling and ceiling floor treatment. Symphony 440 Design Group home theater consultants handed over a neatly built, gorgeous looking Home Theater room to the client in 4 months.