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Home Theater Acoustics

Any home theater is incomplete without proper acoustic treatment. The best home cinema installation allows viewers to comfortably sit down and immerse themselves in movie hours, not missing even subtle voice variations. At Symphony 440 Design Group, we specialize in building aesthetic home theatres that come within your budget and delivered in time. We have happy customers across South & West India.
Need Analysis

The acoustics design of a home theater is unique for every project. The requirements and design vary based on the location, room size, primary usage, budget, aesthetic preferences and other factors. So, our home theater consultants visit your site to understand your primary usage needs and applications to suggest the appropriate interior acoustics. We work hand-in-hand with our customers, turning their ideas into an acoustically sound home theater for family and friends to immerse in the movie experience.


The budget for acoustic treatment of a home theater involves costs associated with aesthetic preferences, acoustical room requirements, Audio-Video System Layout, convenience, seating arrangement, and many more. Our consultants provide all the details to customers to ensure they spend the right amount of money on the best Home theater acoustical panels based on the requirement.

Pre-construction Testing

Before starting the acoustic design and treatment of a custom home cinema, our consultants visit the site and inspect all the factors. They assess and identify potential risks before home theater implementation starts. Our consultants observe the room environment for reverberation time, Low-frequency Modal Behaviour, Acoustical Panel placement challenges etc. Based on the test insights, we acoustically treat the home theater room for the best audio experience.

Understand Audio-Visual Equipment Layout Design

Achieving excellent acoustics is just one part of the puzzle solved. To create the best home cinema experience, our consultants understand the High-End Home Theater Audio & Video Layout to provide the most viable Acoustical design. Our home theater solutions team will provide accurate drawings with all the calculations that make implementation fool-proof. We use advanced software and online tools to get precise measurements while considering room shape and size, viewing distance, image quality, seating positions and ambient light.


To achieve the goals of acoustic treatment, we follow certain principles. This involves reducing echoes and noise by lowering reverberation time and using panels with higher absorption. To achieve the perfect bass response, we use multiple speakers and subwoofers and seating placements along with Bass Traps. To equalize direct and indirect sound, we leverage the right absorbers.

Acoustical Interior Design

Our Acoustic interior consultants provide top-class interior design to transform any room into an aesthetically fit and designer furnished home theater. Our catalogue of the best home theater fabric option, flooring materials, wall colours and lighting complement theme-based design and comfortable recliners. We provide custom 3D designs representing how your home cinema room would look even before the installations begin, helping to make any last-minute changes before it’s too late.

Acoustical Construction

The last step is all about realizing the acoustic plan. A bare room gets converted into a well-balanced, acoustically pleasant home cinema room with the best seating, audio and video arrangement. We treat the walls, ceiling, and floor based on the evaluations and report putting the plan into action. We provide consultation services to the customer’s in-house carpenters or suggest certified contractors in our network that execute the work.

Testing & Optimization

We value customer satisfaction more than anything. This is why we test and identify optimization opportunities after completing installation. Our home theater consultants make sure that the cinema room performs as expected and makes tweaks where needed. Our Home theater solutions team provides easy to install, technically superior acoustical panels from GIK Acoustics to optimize room acoustics. Customers can even choose Custom Acoustics based on their preference.

Whether you’re looking for a Complete Professional home theater solution or just Interior acoustics, Symphony 440 Design Group will provide the best home theater acoustics driven by years of experience.
We have partnered with esteemed customers to create several world-class home theater projects in Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, including in cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Vadodara, Tiruppur & Trivandrum.

Our Projects

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